Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Depressed Scotland makes me Depressed

Haló. So I woke up to the worse possible news at 5am yesterday: my country remains to be ruled by government we didn't vote. Yay! As you can probably tell I'm one of the 1,617,989 who voted Yes for Independence. 45% turned out to vote yes. 10% difference.

Of course they are those who wave the No flag who last night went around doing Nazi statues, trying to burn down the Herald, attacking people and just generally doing terrible things. Of course since they've been burning Scotland flags we know they not actually Scots because who the fuck burns their own god damn flag. What the hell would they have done if we had gone Independent?

The news apparently hasn't reporting it at all, because who the hell reports riots anymore.

I'm going to go now because I can't think of anything positive  to write or feel at all like trying to be positive at all. Everything just going to be the shitty same with the EU membership in question, NHS being slowly sold piece by piece and the Tories in fucking charge who would sell Scotland to China if they thought they would get away with it.

I have I mention that our vote hasn't matter in general election in at least 30 years. We never even got  Labour voted in (which a lot of us won't be trying doing again). I could on a rant about how this might be worse thing Scotland ever done. However, I got a personal statement to write before we  lose our free tuition.

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