Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Book Review: Savage Island by Bryony Pearce

Yes, Children trust Mark Zuckerburg and his fictional counterpart.

When reclusive millionaire Marcus Gold announces that he’s going to be staging an “Iron Teen” competition on his private island in the Outer Hebrides, teenagers Ben, Lizzie, Will, Grady and Carmen sign up – the prize is one million pounds … each. But when the competition begins, the group begin to regret their decision. Other teams are hunting their competitors and attacking them for body parts. Can the friends stick together under such extreme pressure to survive? When lives are at stake, you find out who you can really trust…

One of the more boring Red Eyes, as it literally wandering an island for three days. Other stuff happens conspiracy and the risk of maiming. It takes from other Red Eye books (intentionally or not). It's similar to 'Flesh and Blood' and reminds me of Frozen Charlotte because it's on an Scottish Island (one of the Shetland islands, meant to be private island). So Rich, gore and isolation. A bit of 'Sleepless' as well.

I really lacked the motivation to finish this and it's not like it long. There were few hiccups. Ben doesn't have a great relationships with his brother, Will but it pressured into looking after him. Will is some sort of Genius and clearly disturbed. There was an awkward moment for me where I was like "is he meant Autistic?" No, he's a sociopath. I wouldn't say that a spoiler, it clearly what going on and I want talk about it. People often confuse Autism and Sociopathy, despite being different and think having that "oh no" feeling probably didn't help my enjoyment of the book. My own research (after reading this book) said that what Pearce wrote can be accurate, it just awkward for me.

We have the island stuff and tons of childhood flashbacks of Ben being sad. Lots of fun wildlife while you know horror. This format worked well for what Pearce was trying to do. The book stays in Ben's POV so we only know what he knows. It also get repetitive after awhile. A lot of going in circles. 

There's also a dumb romance because people can't just be friends (Okay, that's really just my pet Peeve). The characters are done well and Pearce does an good job of balancing everyone. I think the relationships are part that's done the best, which is good to see in horror when so much is just bodies to get rid of. Though, I did think Carmen being Spanish was pushed a lot at first.

This is sociopaths and conspiracy theorist stuff. If you find most of that stuff boring and overplayed, this probably not the book for you. Obviously, conspiracy theories are hot right now with the youths so makes sense and there's always an online quiz asking if you are Sociopath. Maybe I know too much about Sociopaths and the ones that become killers for this book. I guess most of the target market won't be like that. That being said I've read true crime novels since I could read, but still I probably would have enjoyed this more when I was younger.

I found the ending to be dumb. The END bit I mean. I get the ending for the story Pearce was trying to tell, I saw it coming so stop being invested. There's a twist, I guess it works and Pearce lays down the ground work for it. It's just didn't have much of impact. The Reveal just seemed like a bad business plan and like why?

Overall, I give this 3/5 stars for Geocache Boxes. This was an okay addition to Red Eye series. It makes sense to tackle conspiracies in this series (again), and I do think it might be part of personal taste in what you want your horror to be, if you're like this book. Not so much for me, it might work for you. Having read the all the Red Eye books, I do compare them to one another. This one is kinda in the middle for me. The cover is cooler than the actual book as well, because it's really cool. I just wish I had liked the book as much.

I got this book for review off NetGalley and Stripes Publishing, it was published on 5th April 2018.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Same. Same. bad.

In pain and still have a cold. The cough is still stuck in my throat. My PIP renewal letter form came early (it not due till next year), but it also spent ten days in the mail, giving me very little time to fill it out. Well, my mum to fill it out because due my dyslexia, I can't reliably fill out important forms or it will become a hot mess. You can go to citizen advise to get help filling out these times of forms but you can't just turn up. There's also doctor notes that you need to get.

I'm always so ill as well. Kinda get sick of going to the doctor and saying I'm always in pain, can you tell me why?

I'm not always in pain, usually a dull ache. It comes in waves. You have fair ups and then nothing, then bang you're always tired and can't get to sleep.I was keeping track of how I was going feeling every day for a while and everyday it was bad. Always bad. Never fine or happy.

I'm having issues that are worrysome and not sure if I should go back to the doctor about it again. I am probably going to have to. I'm going to have to sort this out somehow.

I still don't know what I'm doing.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Book Review: Manfried the Man by Caitlin Major

Wait, till you see my comic of tiny to normal size woman doing dog like things. Wait...Nevermind.

Manfried is a stray taken in by Steve Catson, a slacker with a dead-end job and nonexistent love life. Soon Manfried becomes the Garfield to Steve’s Jon Arbuckle: lazy, selfish, and sometimes maddening in his weird human behavior. Yet the pair depends on each other to get through life’s troubles. When Manfried runs away, Steve musters his meager resources to find his best man-friend and bring him home safe. Ultimately, both Steve and Manfried realize they’re capable of so much more than they thought.

You've probably seen that comic with the mansize cat and the mansize cat sitting on the key board. This is a whole graphic novel with that concept. I was intigued to see what they would do with a full novel of this idea.

The concept is interesting, but not much after that. There's just a not a lot of comical room for cat like creature doing cat things. Attempt is made to do more than just goofy gags.

The plot is quite standard to most Webcomics. Lovable misfit that needs to figure out his life, while friends are more together and judge him, with a cookie twist to get your attention. For those sort of things, this does it well enough. Steve's affection towards Manfried does play a major plot points, mostly him scared he will be a crazy man person.

Some funny moments and gags, mixed in with relatable life stuff.

The art style is nice and the colouring is done well to match scenes. It is a bit disturbing at first to look at tiny penises all the time, and none of the cats wear clothes, their balls are ignore though.

This world has left me with questions. Like they are no tiny female humans so how do they reproduce. It doesn't really matter, but it just a thought in my head. Especially as there are packs of them. I have questions, but I don't think there actual answers to them. I want to see the dogs which exist in this universe but the men are hybrid of both cats and dogs with what they do and how they behaviour. They're lazy, fight like cats but you can train them to do tricks.

Overall, I give this book 3/5 stars for canned hamburgers. I like this well enough, but I don't think I'm invested enough to pick up the sequel. I think it more we're not the right matches for each other, as they nothing I can point to say what wrong with it. If you're interested by the idea, I would say pick up  and give it a chance you're self. Maybe not the sequel to this, but I would check out more works by Caitlin Major.
I got this book for Review off Netgalley and it is being published by Quirk Books

Saturday, 7 April 2018


I haven’t finished a novel yet. I want to have that one draft done and dusted. My ability to finished stories has went away it seems. I thought, hoped that meant that they were novel ideas and couldn’t work as short stories. But nothing comes, no matter how much time I give it.

I still want to be a writer. I want to tell the stories stuck inside me. I have just got anxiety and that’s why they don’t come. The main novel thing I’m currently writing is a throw away. Dance Hall in it’s current state is not good enough to expect people to pay for it. I know that. The plot and the structure is all over the place. It’s urban fantasy with real weird world building, that I’ve been mostly thinking about for at least ten years and some I just made up on the fly.

Dance Hall is weird because it has like three version of it that lives in Limbo. I mean Dance Hall is such a random name for it. It only works because of what that short story was called and where that came from. Maybe because I’m writing in such isolation. All the advice is to join writing groups or foams and I haven’t got one.

I saw a trend coming, a trend that I had the loudest voice on it still. But I’ve did nothing about it. I’ve tried, very half heartily to write something. I’m trying to write something that captures that perfect isolation. I just can’t get it out of me anymore.

I can write so many weird stuff own voices. I have so much family drama. So much that creating family drama by fictionalising a family drama really wouldn’t add much to what already there and having to live through gives me the right to write about it. My family is so fucked up that one of us should write a memoir. Do you think Soaps are fake? Well, wait till I tell you my immediate family’s tale, full of irony and stupidity.

The not writing thing is kinda stupid. I used to write all the time and then I didn’t. That’s probably why it got harder. There were bouts of bad mental health (I have had so much stress). I’m always ill right now. I never seem not to be sick. I know I probably have a chronic illness, but why do I need to have a chronic illness on top of everything.

If I was a fictional character, the editor would stay dale it back. I wish I could be healthy. I wish I could get my shit together. I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wish I could live independently. 

Life isn't going well. Most of the time it isn't for me. I can't live in self-doubt. Random doubt basically. Going to keep writing and doing other stuff.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Book Review: Unnatural Creatures, stories chosen by Neil Gaiman

Such cute monster on the this cover.

Welcome to a menagerie unlike any other, where stories let AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and occasionally TERRIFYING creatures roam free in your mind.

This is Neil Gaiman's selection of his favourite stories featuring beasts from myth, fable and imagination. Creatures extraordinary, exotic, extinct, living, dead and undead prowl the pages of this book.


This is quite a long anthology, but it also contains a few re-publish stories but it writers that audiences are unlikely to be familiar with due to a lot of them being dead or just real old. The illustrations that each story has are pretty good and the formating works well.

Intro by Neil Gaiman, 5/5 stars for being a introduction.

by Gahan Wilson: This was a fun creepy idea, where a stain antagonizes rich people. There's more to the story but I'm not explaining it (well). The way its incorporated into the actual text is cool. 4/5 Stars for poor butlers.

2.The Cartographer Wasps and The Anarchist Bees by E. Lily Yu: This one was weird, but also great. It's like a politician fable with insects . 4/5 stars for short lives of Bees.

3.The Griffin and The Minor Canon by Frank R.Stockton: This is a story says to be a bad person. Unless people treat you terrible. This writer is dead and this story must have appeared somewhere.   4/5 stars for Tiny Griffins.

4.Ozioma The Wicked by Nnedi Okorafor: A young Nigerian girl can speak to snakes and her community hate her for it until she usefully. 4/5 stars for Brest like waves.

5. Sunbird by Neil Gaiman: This reminds me of that the ep of Angel with the werewolf. It doesn't have a werewolf in it. A society of trying rare foods go after the last thing they haven't tried. 4/5 stars for two feathers.

6. The Sage of Theare by Diana Wynne Jones: This is another story by a dead writer and has character that appears in other works. The creature is an water dragon or something. Is a god a creature? This is a saga of short story, it was good. 4/5 stars for steaming gods.

7. Gabriel - Ernest by Saki: I think this is a story I've read before, but I thought the ending was different. Maybe Mandela effect or I've combined in my head with something else. If anyone wants to tell me what "He had suffered bittern in his study" means, feel free. This is a werewolf story which would have been a spoiler is wasn't so obvious what it was to a modern reader. 4/5 stars for missing sheep.

8. The Cockatoucan by E. Nesbit:I own a collection of Nesbit's stories, mainly because I liked her name and it has a skull on the cover. This is basically Alice in Underland nonsense. Basically, random magic and skinny people are bitter. 4/5 stars for missed omnibuses.

9. Moveable Beast by Maria Dahvana Headley: I liked this story. Set in somewhere in America I guess, called Bastardville so fun. The "villain" is immediately unlikable. Because if someone asked for you to smile (and they're not taking a picture) they're a dick. Also Scottish connection which is fun and fitting. 4/5 stars for Ice Cream insults.

10.The Flight of The Horse by Larry Niven: This involves time travelling to find a horse with a twist so fun. Also another dead writer. 3/5 stars for made gems.

11.Prismatica by Samuel R. Delaney: This your usual quest story, with trickster and princesses. It was long enough to have chapters. There's also a unicorn and a thing in a box. 3/5 stars for my nearest and dearest friends.

12.The Manticore, The Mermaid, and Me by Megan Kurashige: This one is weird. We're back to stories that were written for this book, which two stories ago but feels long. This plays with known hoaxes or are they hoaxes. I would have liked better description of the creatures. The idea was cool. 4/5 stars for museum pass.

13.The Compleat Werewolf by Anthony Boucher: This is 80 pages long and some what mature. It was clearly written for an adult audience, not that really matters since this is YA aimed anthology. It just weird having a protagonist that is a hairy German Professor, obsessing over an ex-student. The earliest publication date I can find for this is1969, though I wonder if it was earlier than (that cause it was 1942). 4/5 stars for Communist Allegory.

14.The Smile on the Face by Nalo Hopkinson: This involves trees and negative body image. I wasn't aware of the myth this was based on, which is cool. 4/5 stars for cherry pits. (TW: Sexual Assault).

15.Or All the Seas with Oysters by Avram Davidson: Beware of bicycles. This was a cool idea from 1958. 4/5 stars for pins.

16.Come Lady Death by Peter S. Beagle: The Last Unicorn writer brings us a story about death, so fun. Also a party. I like the idea, but it's can 4/5 stars for bad wine.

Overall, I give this book 4/5 stars for monster encounters. I like the diversity with the writers and the creatures they bring with them. Out of the 16 story, only 2 were unique to this collection, but it does show a big variety for authors to discover that older and were my first time reading them most of them so I get the effect to show older work to a younger generation. It was a pretty cool collection, with solid stories. I would recommend if like monsters and short stories or if you want to discover some new, old writers to check out.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Surprise (actually not at all)

My Dad's surprised Birthday party was today. It went well at first, it had remained a secret for almost a year and my dad didn't suspect a thing. Apparently, more confused than anything. We're late, as we almost always are. It's who we are.

The DJ wasn't very good. It played nothing but bland popular junk from a year ago for sixth Birthday party. He played the music too loud. I don't get this obsession with baring music where it's too loud to think. I'm bias though because too loud music it sets off my autism. They must be a specific name for that trait but I'm not sure what it is. I know other disorder have that trait as well. I hate badly sound level music. He had the dance crazed songs, which are fun for kids but none of the adults were drunk enough to join in at this point. He then played a game that up-sit half the kids. He played the chicken dance, which from googling was a first proper dance craze in the 80s so many different options. Near the end of the party, he played more decent stuff suited to 60th Birthday party.

My criticize of the DJ doesn't really matter, especially as I do have an open hate of most popular music the past few years and dances crazes are mostly just stupid in reflection. The Ketchup dance maybe most of all.

The party basically proves that my family can't all be in the same room for longer than two hours. Several meltdowns and people who should know better. Someone who have a field day psychoanalyzing my family. Most everyone needs therapy. I know I do.

I managed to keep my mouth shut, though I heard dumb shit that night (more so after). Basically, one of my sister shouted at my little brother for a full minute because he hit with a inflatable hammer. He ran off and hide, had meltdown. He’s having a lot of life issues right now. He’s not completely right, but he’s also a bag of hormones that has been raised wrapped in bubble wrap by my father who feels so much guilt, which isn’t healthfully. Like I said we all have issues we should work through. I’m annoyed at both of them really. They both need better ways of dealing with things.

My dad and went said stuff he shouldn’t have said, Because my dad has anger issues. This all happens now that I’m in the car talking with my little brother and asking why that upset him so much. I get out the car and have conversation with my mum, who goes to see my little brother whose still in the car because I told him to stay there till he calms down.

My sister storms out, just as I’m about to go back into the hall, says she never see me again. I have done nothing or said nothing at this point. We’re meant to be going to see Wicked in May. So awkward.

My brother ran off again which I’ve told him already he has to find better coping methods than that, because people. Like go to the bathroom, not into a dark street that you don’t know. I call my brother to come back, whole much of stuff happened during this. I’m stressed out and trying not to cry because all emotions are connected my eyes.
I then told that sister that she should have known better and that I think its terrible the way she talks (or treats) her autistic kids. I was in a half meltdown, so I fucked my voice saying that, lost with two sentences. I do feel that way, but I shouldn’t have shouted that at her in parking lot (I’ve been told I shouted, but to me probably just angryish, I don’t know it wasn’t conscious choice to shout). Apparently, someone walked by and saw “two lassies shouting at each other.”

I know I did it because I was stressed the fuck out. Then my disabled dad, had the brilliant idea to walk off after my little brother was caught. So I went and got my keys so I could drive after him. Worried sick, I’m going to find him collapsed someway. I’m just glad I don’t drink. I drive around for half an hour, go to where we meant to be staying and he’s not there. But my dog is still happy to see me.
I go back to the party because I’m terrible with directions and stressed out so probably not the safelist state to be driving.

Though, tons out most of my make-up choices are waterproof, though still think I haven’t found the perfect foundation for me. Now, the gone for all make-up users. I never got to go in the photobooth so didn’t get my memorian photo. Parties ain’t my thing anyway, so I didn’t expect to have a good time, but I was hoping there wasn’t a incident that will be forever be a bloody thing.
Now I’m off to get a job in soap so I can least make bank off of my family drama.

Hey, Cunt if you're reading, which you might because you are a weird fucking stalker that lies about it, the reason we don't think you understands siblings or people in general, is you think family loyalty isn't a thing people typically have. I know my brother is a complete freak, because I would have dumped you the moment you called my mother a bitch. Yeah, I remember that. I remember a lot thing you did, like that letter you sent me which is why I will never speak to you again. I have a ligit reason never to speak to you again. You're angry at me, because I'm rightfully angry at my brother and I was 16-year-old who failed my exams who didn't want to be in a wedding for relationship I was against and for a brother who didn't speak to me unless I told him he was arsehole which he was being. Then he tells my mother without having a conversation with me about it, like I was four and I hit him with a block. He never asked why I was calling an Arsehole. At that point, my hair meant a hell lot more to me than either of you did. Even if it didn't, what was the point of being Bridesmaid if I wasn't allowed to be myself? Obviously, it didn’t mean anything to either of you.

Sometimes I wonder what sort of relationship you think we had, because I would never have said we were close. The whole being like sister thing was weird to me, even then. I never said anything that personal to you. I did use you a little, which is something I regret doing. You wouldn’t let be angry at my brother, you often force you way into that. I was never that close to you so you were easier to blame for his behaviour, I know you enabled some of it. Between you and him, you got me pointless surface gifts that my brother should have know were useless to me, which is major insult to you for some reason.

The reason I started this note, because you said something about Autism and that thing you to said to my sibling. You said you would never speak to me again. As if you were the deciding factor, I mean maybe you are, considering I'm Selectively Mute and you'll never be worth the energy. You fell out with me, because I said my brother was an arsehole which he was, and I had meltdown. I read the letter again, out of curiosity, you're were always so deluded. The stuff about my mum really tickles me. I started crying and went back into the changing room. You ran away to the breach to cry. I wasn't going to call you that night because the lies you spread about me. There were lies. I said Alan was arsehole and that dress was ugly. I was in very fragile emotional state that year. I thought about killing myself constantly. I was surrounded by unhealthy people. The fun of being Autism and undiagnosed. I didn't have space for you and arsehole to be piling on to that, especially with everything leading up to that making it clear that Arsehole didn’t care that much about me. He might deny it, but that what his actions at the time and have continued to be prove it to be true. Towards other my sibling as well. Since then I've called you cunt, which was true. Mainly because you still had me blocked. you still have my mother blocked and she has did everything to try and mend shit. You’re are definitely in the wrong there. Is because you think I'm sad enough to spy on you? I know you do that through A sometimes. How else did you know I called you a cunt? I also called my oldest sister a bitch and Arsehole an asshole. But it had to be about you. Someone that wasn't part of that conversation, because you didn't want to be. I didn't want to be, that's why I left that chat ten times. Your name begins with a C, it’s as basic as that. It not personal insult. If someone I knew dislike me, I wouldn’t care. I mean I didn’t really have the energy to deal with any of one at the point. I because I angry and annoyed at the people that came adding me. You were only mention because you couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see your chat, I also thought it was fucking stupid to have a chat with someone who blocked someone else in it, I still do. You want have phone calls. I don't do phone calls. I will never say anything of substance on the phone.

Partly generation, mostly Autism and Selective Mutism. Anyway, I'm Autistic and you're don't get to say shit about that disorder, because your action to me and my little brother make clear you don't understand shit. What the hell did you even mean by that? Obviously, I wasn't there, because I was dealing with someone else meltdown. You’ve got me blocked, so not like I can ask you directly what you meant?

I mean still kinda dislike you as person. If you want to have a frank conversation, fine, you’re probably don’t but I would have that with you. The main reason our direct relationship was dead, is that butt into things that ain’t about you. You have no siblings, so never leant that have to let people talk it though and Arsehole still thinks I’m four somehow. Maybe I’m 8 now. That autistic thing is especially mess up considering what you said earlier. Who tells one nephews that they’re favourite, especially when the other ones are standing behind them? The same autistic kid you locked in his room and took his DS off him.

Hey, Arsehole, you’re still dead to me. Congrats, you’re isolated yourself. I can tell you regret somewhat but won’t do shit to fix it. Mum cares and that what continues to be so sad about this whole situation.