Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Book Review: Zom-B: Goddess by Darren Shan

Will B finally get herself killed?

Where can you turn when you've run out of Options?

What card can you play when the deck's stacked against you?

Is there any hope in a world of the lost?

B Smith has reached the end...

So after 4 years, 7 months, 28 days (or 1701 days). I am finally here with a review of the final book of the Zom-B series (I have review every book but one because I forgot I hadn't reviewed till months later. I went to Florida. I miss Florida). It's hard to review this book without refering to the rest of the series, so like always I presume you have read the last 11 books or don't care about spoilers (hell, maybe you even want them).

Reading this book, the thought popped into my head, would have done the child bride thing if B had been male? Would we have gotten an child groom then? It probably would have been treated the same, a fourteen year old flirting with a hundred old something. This series started by messing with expectation of gender, but feel like B had to be a girl or female. I'm not saying Shan is sexist, if anything it's do with society sexism. Just the child bride thing and B being forced into the oddest mother role ever. Shan never really addresses sexism in the series outside of B's gender being a twist at the start. It's just something to think about when writing/reading. Yeah, it's stated it's not sexual. But still fucking creepy. In terms of horror it the most scariest thing in the whole series. The zombies and the forced gore just seem laughable next to it. Actually,that part was just dumb.

Everything is finally reveal for the most part, I still had random plot thoughts, one of the big problem with this book and the rest of the ending books is there's this rush to remind the reader of these characters we've only spent two or three books with and then have abandoned for six books in between. So they've just became names and B hasn't thought about them since the last time she seen them. Mainly because everyone B actually cared about is dead, so named characters do die but if you're read all the other books you're be desensitised to their deaths because all the more important characters are all gone. Basically, Shan has had B with no reason to live for the past three books. If the book were paced better or maybe read them back to back (if someone done/does that tell me if you feel closer to the characters that are left at the end) it could work. Twelve Books was too many for this story and not good enough job is done to make them interesting as standalones as the series goes on.

This book has a preachy speech at the end about taking better care of the planet and each other on a globe scale. I am millennial, so I'm dead inside due to knowing how fucked over my generation is and how fucked over the future one will be as things are only getting worse. However, kinda undermines the world series where you spell out what is wrong with humanity as whole and blaming the individual is how we end up with ableist banning of straws instead of pressuring corporations to dispose of their waste appropriately. Hell, it might come into law soon.

I did really like the first book, I guess I still do. Shan tried to rise a lot important subjects in this series: racists, corruption and paedophile but it's probably ruined. Having read them all and made it through them all, I would say give up when you feel like it. Walk away then. There was a point where I think the books become more of a chore to read, in the hope of plot, than enjoyable. I know children/middle grade books do have repetitive formats but this series didn't actually have that. So much of it is B fucking around and I don't think we get plot stuff or world development every book.

Overall, I give this book 3/5 stars for fucking up everything. This isn't really a series I can recommend as whole, the last book in the series wasn't satisfying. It was fine. It's been so dragged out  that there's no impacted and that's a problem. I feel like I've wasted money and time with these books so not fun. Because I don't care anymore.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Cursed and naming cats after the Devil.

My family is perhaps cursed. Good thing our cats are all meant to be lucky. My dad got a phone call on Thursday evening to say there was a crack in his leg, from falling last week in the garden, and they wanted to give him a CT scan. His knee is broken and now they debate whether he should get surgery to get pins in his legs. If they do so that will bring the number of family members having surgery this year to three. Though, who knows when they're actually have the surgery. We're in the seven month of the year, and we thought it would definitely have happened by now. But probably September because sibling needs to have something checked out and the appointment they gave her was for August. 

Leia has taken to wanting to sit on my head while I'm sleeping. Waking me because it bloody hurts. Leia now almost two years, finds new ways to hurt me every day. The kitten also likes to attack people in their sleep. Also feet and hands. His name started as Shadow and now it's Lucifer, One is loyal dog from a classic live action Disney film, the other is the evil cat from Cinderella. It's also a name of a character that appears in some Disney shorts :). It also means Rising star, how pretty.

With everything going on I have yet to edit a video for this week, I also haven't filmed properly in two weeks. There is stuff to edit including my July Wrap Up and the Vlog for the Strangeathon. I had laid out an hour to edit on Friday, but I was force to leave my house due to the broken knee and someone being stranded in a strange town. Camp NaNoWriMo is fail since I haven't properly wrote anything since the second day of this month. My life is constantly busy, even with nothing going on.

Well, I'm having an Indian takeaway, so hopeful that goes well. It's a good thing I decided not to go to college or something, because life is going to be something in the next three months. God, life.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

What is Life?

This is whole writing thing is not happening much. Still not finished moving all my junk out my mother's house. I also now have this random unassembled cabinet in my house. Thanks, Mum, where the hell I am putting this?

Next week, I'm also going to get visit from the Inquisition which sounds extreme but only if you never had PIP encounter. I have three days to sort out my living-room. There's meant to be open days for this water sport thing today. I don't know what's happening. Today or life.

What is life? What is Me? I have a puppy who might freak when I make her live in my house and her old hiding places are gone. I'm been focused to move out. I knew when my parents moved into a three bedroom house that one of us would have to leave.

I have now drank a half bottle of whiskey. So I should be slightly tipsy now but I mostly feel slightly more clumsy and tired. Alcohol doesn't give me much effect. I liked the burn of whiskey and vodka. Otherwise I wouldn't touch booze. It just doesn't seem like much a point. Some alcohol is nice tasteing but I would never drink it to get actually drank. That's just boring.

A lot of it just boring. Life is just boring. I'm off to sort a much of stuff, prepare for a readathon, stuff, read and write like the wind I guess. God, I feel tired now. I'm off to go on the trampoline. Hopefully, won't break my ankle.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

It's Too God Damn Hot.

I have several things I need to do. I am slowly doing one of them. Finally moving out of my parent's house. Only took eight months to get most of my junk of here. Getting insulation in my house is slowly turning into the worst thing ever. It should be finished. Apparently, the electrics might not be safe. Great. I guess I just won't use that light.

I'm sitting on two thing videos that were Pride related. One properly, the other a book review. The proper one has always been a mess that I need to just edit. I need just to get time.

Then Camp NaNoWriMo is tomorrow which I am doing. I need to do Bullet Journal for it and other stuff. I need to film videos for StrangeAThon which is next week, going from the 9th to 15th July 2018 (we have a twitter).

We have this deadline without a date. I just want this done and for my mother stop freaking out over everything and nothing. My dog is also a little weirdo that won't do the toilet anyway but off lead in my parent's garden. She also follows me everywhere so my parent's scheme to steal her from me won't work.

I meant to go to the beach all week and the cinema. I'm just not getting to do anything I want. I took Leia to a Loch because she constantly over heating and wanting to play ball. She was not keen but she went after the ball when it was thrown in. My mother also thinks dogs can't swim. Here are some photos because I am an artist.

I'm writing while in sitting in a wardrobe so obvious joke about being in the closet on this the last day of Pride. Might put Stella in here. Stella use to live in the closet, then the clothes over took. Now she tied to a bunk bed. Not sure where Stella is going to live in my house. Probably in the corner.

I've got so much stuff to do, and my mother is taking her frustration out on me. I've have a novel tow write, videos to film so I best just go. See you next week.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Night (Short Story Thing) a.k.a. Nonsense.

So I've been reading a ridiculous amount of SuperBat fanfiction. I just love them so much and hate those god damn Syner films. I will fight you about it. The characters are just so OOC in them that I can't read fanfic where they use it as starting point. I just like my boys to be BFF/or Lovers. Happy Pride month. The whole Justice League is Bi in my head.

The Night

Things had been going bad for a while. Their wins were just scraping  by and more of the League was stepping away. She didn't want to admit it but they were back to the standard core. The Government had managed to scare away the less established supers.

For the core, it was too late to stand down. They had been doing this stuff for 10 years, she wouldn't know how to quit. Even pregnancy, the guilt of putting her baby in danger hadn't made her stay dominant for the first months she had known. She had only stopped when she starting showing with the helpful headline of "Is Atomic Girl getting fat?"

The older she got the more she hated that press name. When she had been 15 and The Atomic, girl was of course added because she didn't hide that she presented female. She wondered how old she would she have to be till people updated her to woman or at maybe back to The Atomic. It's didn't help that her teammates had ironically started calling her it so it had stuck.

Right now she did feel very like a girl, like a child, which was pretty bad considering she had a three year. A three old that didn't call her mum, less the government freak out about super children. They had no control of they destinies. 14 and a street kid, the government had no threats for her. But now she had a family, a family that was slowly going missing.

Members were quitting the League, but they were members who stopped coming in and answering to messages. Her gut told her they was something up. She knew that the Organisation had more secret identity than the league did, back when the Organisation had been ally, instead of a poaching threat. They hadn't said it, but they wanted the league to stop. Three years and one Leaguer turns villian, then the rest of the team couldn't be trust. He had only been there a few months. He was still a rookie. They had said they hadn't held it against them, but she knew they had.

They were hosit and only called them for big things like Aliens or armies of robots. The league just wasn't as attractive, they weren't the pretty porgan they had been as teenagers. They had been Best Friends, the Core, now she keep secrets from them all. She hadn't even told him that her powers were in flux. She lost them and then they came back screaming. She had terrible feeling that it would mean her end. Something had to be causing it. She just didn't have the time to find out what.

The Organisation was on to her. She knew they had finally figured her out. She made sure to be quiet, nothing flashy, just a boring office job, that had turn government and then she was working for them. How could she have said no to that offer? It would have strange to do in this economy. Had they known then, or had they clued up?

She disappeared a lot, but she was meant to be working from home and she did get her work in. How could they know? She had thought she had been so careful, but then 14 year old make mistakes, had they tracked her through her path before she knew that she had something to fear.

She was Fucked. She knew that. Crime went on and the Organisation did not want them solving it any more. They were up to something.

She heard loud crash, the sound of a building falling. She sighed and turned to the window. Robots again? She went for her uniform, knowing her powers interfered with electronics brilliantly but the truth was she knew she couldn't stay out of the fight. That what the Organisation had over her. She couldn't stop.

She would wish that wasn't true, when she realise the trap that she and the Core had just walked into. It was the end of the league. It was the end of them. The headlines would vary from crude to tragic. Conspiracy theories would be the only explanation anyone had. No one thinking about what the world had just lost.


Yeah, that's just nonsense. Literally all telling, never even established where the character was. Probably should be in first person. From a project that probably never get off the ground. Mainly because I think it should be a comic that I draw. 7 years later and that's not happened passed costume design. I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month, guess which genre I'm writing. It's quite shocking for me.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Pink and Tired.

My house has now been painted. So I can take everything up the stairs again. Not yet though, still ton of stuff in my livingroom. I did re-organise the mess they made. Things still have random plaster everywhere.

I'm annoyed still. My sleeping pattren was a mess today. Finally, went to sleep at 3am, had been in bed since midnight. I woke up right before 6am, so less than 3 hours of sleep. Let Leia out so could mess around in the Garden, she gets out constantly because she loves to wake everyone up for cuddles and kisses. She can't do this to me, since I've been sleeping my bunk bed at my parents because my house is a mess so who knows what woke me.

I went back to bed, I kinda woke at nine, but did not regain conscious till half noon, left bed at one and I'm still tired. Woke to the news that the Glasgow high street was once again on fire. The ABC and the Glasgow School of Art are now mssing their roofs and whatever other damage that's likely.That's the third time this year. Something just seem off with that that. Does Glasgow have Supervillian? Realistically not, it just something isn't right with that.

I have did nothing today that I should have. I'm still editing a video that should have went up Monday, I don't know if I should just give up on it. I'm doubting myself. I like parts of it, I just need to edit the bad out I guess.

Its took long I'm just not happy, because I mess up the first time so it just set off as bad. I'm just going to keep with it. I know I just need to push through it. I'm hoping to finish for tomorrow but If I don't, I'm probably going to push it for next Friday.

I'm also like done with Drag Race this season. I stopped watching ep 11 and I just can't be bother to go back to it. I'll probably will. We're apparently getting British Drag Race, but I'm just so not interested in seeing any more of Rupaul. I know he'll make money either way, but I rather not see his face. His judging is usually really bad as well. I watch Drag Race for the Queens, not a bitter old man who refuses to change with the times.

I'm going to dye my hair tonight, despite not actually having time. I'm just so sick of my hair. Just gonna dye it a random colour that'll probably not last that long. Pink. Pink tends to fade as rule. Nor really had my hair pink outside of dying my hair red with pink undertones rather than it going orange when it fades. My hair is blue and purple in places from my mother attacking me in March.

Going to try a pastel thing. Probably going to film it as new thing I'm trying. Hair dying does well for whatever reason on YouTube.

I'm off to dye my hair pink, which might appear a bit extra when you find out what the next video I'm going to film is.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Moving Stuff About

So despite having been moved out since October, a lot of my junk is in my parent's house. Like majority of it. My parents live an five minute walk from me so there's nothing to motivate me to do it. But kidney transplanting looks like it might happen soon. Rooms need moved about.

Futuaire needs move to my house. Though, my living room is still filled with stuff that should be upstairs. I don't think I mentioned that people plastering the upstairs took most futcture down the stairs. How I am going to get back up there? Who knows. Probably take a object up once a week.

They also completely mess up my books and put my bookcase in a stupid place. My bed too. How I am going to move my bed back to where it was considering they turn in a very stupid circle. Well, I might be able to get help with that. But they're still dicks. There is literally plaster everyway. Including downstairs.

I wasn't there because I am ill and my brain does not like to sleep at night. But during odd times during the day. It meant to be getting painted. I'm not actually that bother. I just want to know when so if I know if it worth it to take object upstairs.

I need to sort books and things. My mother thinks my books are tidy. There are not. If I move the the bookcase then I can move the clothes, that have no where to currently to go. Because my clothing pool is current downstairs. So are my drawers. What I am meant to do?

Terrible timing is family trait. We're see what happens.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Glasgow is Gone.

My cat died. My little, giant arse cat is dead. Born Thursday, 21st October 2011, died Wednesday 30th May 2018. Only six years old and I've had them since he was born (his mother was our cat, don't worry no taking kittens too young from their mothers).

We have lost a pet a year the past three years and really hope it's a trend that doesn't continue, because I went throw a cosmetic fit. We've went from having 3 cats and 2 dogs to a reasonably 2 cats and 1 dog. That 1 dog is also not one of the original two. Do have to change my Instagram to reasonably pet owner instead of "mass pet owner"?

Glasgow Smile died quite unexpectedly. Like he couldn't breath, found in the garden baking in the sun.

Glasgow liked to hide. I think he was hiding in the garden instead of my bedroom because my sister would not leave him alone. Even in his death there's still debate about whose cat he was. The answer is clearly mine. The fact she abandoned her own cat should be prove of that.

Fatykins is dead. I also called him fuffykins and furrykins, but his sister is still those things, while being tinykins. Mandela has been acting strange for her. More affectionate. Lying in Glasgow's typical spaces. His mother does not appear to care.

Losing animals is weird. I still miss my cat Inky and my dog Shep. Even miss Mysti sometimes, even though she wasn't really my dog. I miss Glasgow, I miss his loud purr, his paws, how he pop out of nowhere and rub himself against you and how he would let me hold him like a baby. I still have Leia who lets me hold her like a baby. Glasgow was also the only of the cats that would almost play wit her and sort of liked her. He was only one to be affectionate to her, which makes sense he was a dogcat and she is catdog. Their marking are similar too.

I also immediately came up with morbid jokes immediately, including highlanders jokes as Mandela is the last cat. Humour is how I cope. Also something about time capsule actually being a cat grave that a millionaire has left for children to dig up because he was secretly a dick.

Glasgow purred a lot. Though, I kinda taught him to purr if wanted to be left alone. He also bite as kitten and that didn't work.

I am gonna go now, cause I don't know what I was saying. See you next week and maybe last week.