Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Review: Lost Bodies by David Manderson

This is frankly just a weird reversal that I won't explain.

In an ordinary suburb, a seemingly ordinary man tends his garden and tries to impress his neighbours as a heat wave clamps over the city. But all is not as it seems, and as death begins to stalk the city's streets and parks he finds himself caught up in a game beyond his control that brings terror to his very doorstep, and nothing about him or the place he lives will ever be the same again

To start this review, let me criticize the fail of cover that this book has. The biggest issues being that the summary on the back is hard to read because its white font on the pale sky. I can't even make out the first two words of the generic blurb. Then there's the awkward red chunks on it. I don't want to address the other issues of me reviewing this book because it weird, but I have to review it because British Book Challenge.

The big thing is that this book in the POV of a serial Killer, that might be a spoiler but without that information why pick this book up. I have read several books completely from Serial Killers/murderers and ones where the POV pops up. This just didn't do anything new or interesting for me. The only thing that separates is that there's no gory detains, so if you want serial killer but no graphic violence, here you go.

There were confusing jumps throughout the novel. I think this was intentional to reflect the character's inner mind (and I scrim read major parts of this book).

I think my biggest issues that the serial killer is kinda dumb. He not obvious about his killings but he also has no real chance of getting away with it in the long run. Therefore, I lost interest. It could be argue he's meant to be dumb, in contrast to his low estimate of everyone around him.

I give this 3/5 stars for buses to noway. It was okay, its a serial killer in Glasgow. I just didn't care that much about this book and I took way to long to read it.

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