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Short Story: Into Darkness

Here's another repost. This is probably the earliest piece of writing that I still have. I wrote it when I was 14. Oh my god, that was almost eight years ago. I haven't change anything as there should be evidence of what my writing skill was back then and it probably the thing that's been edited the most times as this was part of my Stand Grade English Portfolio. I like to think I would have gotten a 1 if I had sat credit.

This was based off an old English Stand Grade writing exam prompt, you where meant to write a story with the title "Into Darkness" and/or based on a picture of a stone bridge. I did both. The sad thing is I'm petty sure the best thing I ever wrote was in my actual exam. Well, I really like my ending sentence so much I memories it and still have it: The living statue left the darkness and entered the panic of light.

It was based off a picture of a Gargoyle and its about a guy blowing up a bridge or a building I forget. It's odd as that something I so don't normally write like ever. So back to the story I can actually share with you as the SQA has brunt that story. I give my 14 years old self idea of horror and best piece of writing (if you had asked her what it was anyway).

Into Darkness

Lisa stood, on a bridge, in the flog, waiting for her best friend, Sandy. She was meant to meet her at 8 and it was now 20 past, but she wasn't worried. Sandy was always late.

She was more worried about herself. She knew it was stupid, but she couldn't help it. She had always been scared of the bridge, especially after she had seen a little boy fall off it. He had been all right, but she had nightmares for weeks after wards and she still had nightmares of the bridge sometimes.

The bridge was made of old grey stone; it had been built in the 16th century. It was surrounded by a forest; the trees were big and old. It would be easy to get lost in them. This made the bridge the prefect location for ghost stories. Whether it was ghost or serial killer, the bridge part alone would guarantee that you would be spooked by the end.

There had always been stories of the bridge being haunted… or something. Whilst it was being built, three of the builders went mysteriously missing and were never seen again. For years after wards people kept disappearing, they were all heading in the direction of the bridge the last time they were seen. Of course there was no proof of people disappearing and even if there was, there would be no way to say for certain that it was because of the bridge. People still go missing, but people go missing everyday. It meant nothing. It was just a normal bridge; well that’s what Lisa was trying to tell herself.

Lisa couldn't help but look over at the dark water below. It had been raining all week, so the river ran faster and deeper than usual. The water was almost hypnotizing. She wasn't afraid of water, not even the water under the bridge; she had played in the river under it when she was younger. It was the bridge that scared her.

It was getting late and she didn't want to be there when it got dark. Sandy had probably forgotten that she was meant to meet her. It would be best just to go and find her. However, just before she was about to leave, Sandy came running up to her.

“I'm sorry, I'm late”, Sandy panted. “I fell asleep.”

“That’s okay, I was just going to go and find you.”

Lisa turned back to the water and peaked over the edge of the bridge. Suddenly, she saw a pair of red eyes staring back at her. She shut her eyes, and shook her head. When she looked back there was nothing there.

“Hum, let’s go,” Lisa muttered

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Lisa lied. ‘It’s just really cold’

“I know something’s wrong,” Sandy said as she put her hand on Lisa’s shoulder.

Lisa hesitated; there would be no way that Sandy would believe her. She didn’t even believe it her self.

“I thought I saw something.”

Sandy looked over the edge; she saw nothing.

“There’s nothing there,” Sandy said as she turned around.

“Of course there isn't, just my mind playing ticks on me,” Lisa said not sounding as if she meant it. “Let’s just go.”

She started to walk away. Sandy looked again. It was just the same, nothing was there. Sandy knew that Lisa was afraid of the bridge after all the stories she heard and everything that she had seen.
Her imagination had probably just gone wild. Being alone, all by her self at the bridge and it was twilight. It was when the darkness begins to sneak in, where the shadows get darker and there’s no where to run. Sandy admitted that she would have probably start seeing thing too.
Sandy notices how far away Lisa was already

“Wait for me, Lis.”

“Fine, but hurry...up,” Lisa had turned around to find that Sandy was gone. “Sandy where are you?” There was no answer. Lisa walked over to where Sandy had been. She looked around for her, but she couldn't see Sandy. She looked over the edge; there was nothing there. She turned around and went to look at the other side, but she didn't make it.

The last thing Lisa ever saw was those red eyes and then darkness.

 Funfact: A substitute teacher scanned read this and thought one of the characters had jumped off the bridge, which would have been so fucking random. (I'm always PG).

In reflection that ending is a bit rushed.

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