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Short Story: Dark Nights, Bites and Bad Luck: The Night

HELLO Nurse. Yes, that greeting makes no sense in this context. I have made my return to YouTube this week instead of just bitching about, how I miss making videos. Turns out I don't miss editing and my videos still turn out too long. Who knew? I've filmed a lot of videos but I still have so many videos ideas floating in my head. One has deadline to keep if I want to do and things I need to do before I can filmed it. Anyway, the main element of this blog is a repost story (still trying to write new stuff).

This is a piece of writing that I wrote five years ago. I was really proud of this when I wrote it. Now, it's okay and there is a line of dialogue in this that's not all realistic. I left it in (comment what you think it is) but I have changes things to make the tense right. It got messed up and for years I couldn't see it when several people told me the tense kept changing. I like this story because I thought I did something interesting with the changing narration and point of view. This is two parts of this story and I have decided to leave the story in that same format, so this is part one of the story which in honest is the better part but in terms of story and plot I felt that second part was need. Anyway, here's the story:

Dark Nights, Bites and Bad Luck:

The Night 

I remember...

I hate the dark. Not the barely-enough-light-to-see dark, the completely black dark, the walk-off-a-cliff-and-not-realise-until-you're-falling dark. It just happens to be that sort of night. I had made the mistake of thinking that I would be fine walking home by myself. Let me just tell you, you can't -and I mean you really can't - walk a farm road without light (whilst remaining in one piece, anyway).  I had already tripped over twice and my knee was bleeding pretty bad. If my luck continued like this, I was going to end up scarred and needing stitches.  If only I had checked the batteries in the torch. Hopefully my luck would change.

It didn't.

The party had still been worth it. It'd been the best party I had ever been to. The music rocked and there had been alcohol everywhere...It was legendary...

For reasons other than main event.

But the best part for me was that T.J. had finally kissed me. I just hope he would remember it tomorrow - he had been one of the many who had taken advantage of the free booze. Maybe it was that kiss that stole my luck. It was still worth it.

Not any more, I would take it back if it changed anything.

I was halfway up the road when I saw the truck.

I was almost home when it happened.

It was Steve's. He had been at the party, but he was meant to be staying over at Bill's house. He stops the truck about a metre and half away from me.

I sometimes wish he hadn't stopped in time, that he hadn't seen me. They might have lived.

 I heard Bill and Tony before I see them - I was blinded by the headlights.
"Well, well. If it isn't Miss Mary-Anne." Bill had decided that Mary-Anne made a better name for a farm girl than my own. He had always called me this, ever since the first day we met.

He didn't in our last seconds.

"Good evening sirs, would ya mind giving a young lady a ride?" I say in a deep, southern drawl. None of us really had the local accent - it had been lost with the invention of the TV.

"Why, we'll all be happy to," Tony smirks from the back seat. The truck was a five seater so we all fit in - Bill made room for me by climbing into the back.

Trapping him.

Steve's little sister Angie (who'd obviously drank too much) was passed out in the back seat.

It's what saved her.

"Jesus Christ, what happen to you?" Steve shouts, noticing my knee and dirty hands. By the  light of the dash board, I could see the damage. I had scraped my hands bloody and both my knees were cut open - the left one was worse than right. It was a good thing my dress was dark red.

"Tripped and fell, I couldn't see what I was doing,"

"Well, it good thing Bill's ma kicked us out," Steve says as he starts the engine, "Or you'd still be wandering about in the dark."

Bill's mother would regret that decision for the rest of her life.

Talk of the party immediately broke out. All three floors of spoiled, rich Kim Tale’s house had been trashed by the time cops got there at 2 am. Laughing about the trouble she was in might have been mean, but it was part of high school. She was so dead.

No, we were.

“K, have you thought about going to the hospital about those knees?" Steve adds about ten minutes into the drive. We had already passed Steve's house, he decided to take me right to my door without giving me a chance at talking him out of it. He was that kind of guy, always doing the right thing by others.

Even at the end.

He'd be a good catch, if he wasn't like a brother to me.

He didn't deserve it.

"I'll clean myself up when I get home and get my dad to take me tomorrow." I smile as I say this.
Tony and Bill are bickering in the back seat whilst Steve and me chatted. Angie wakes up briefly, only stays awake long enough to hit them both, then leans back down on the window to sleep.

"Now, do behave children," I say doing my best not to laugh, not succeeding. We laugh, but our laughter is cut short from Steve slamming on the brakes.

"For fuck sake, Steve, I bloody banged my head." Bill continues to swear loudly. Steve doesn't respond to him.

"Steve, “ I ask cautiously. “Why did you stop?"

"I saw...I thought I saw something," Steve says hesitantly. Before any of us could respond, there was bang and then the sound of tearing metal. I turn around to the noise. I'm confronted with the sight of  Bill being dragged out of the truck. Tony was already gone, only small flecks of blood were left on the grey seat. All I can hear is Bill, screaming for help.

"Katia! Steve! Help!"

I can't respond, I can't move. I'm frozen and the world is in slow motion. Steve grabs my hand and begins to drags me across the gears. It wakes me up and starts me moving. I'm almost completely over when I feel a pain in my leg. I make the mistake of looking back. It's a guy. A guy is biting me. Shock fills me, followed by sheer panic. I do the only thing I can - I kick his head with my free leg. His face, his eyes, his teeth... He wasn't human, he can't be. Blood drip from his mutant mouth. He snarls at me, and I'm still once more.

Luckily, Steve isn't - he pulls me out the truck. I can barely stand, having to lean on Steve. I look back at the truck. I can see Tony's head at the side of the road, but not his body. It's in the back of the truck. I swallow the vomit threatening to escape. Bill lays two meters behind the truck. He's too still, too silent. I try to go towards him but the guy blocks our way.

It should have been impossible! A person can't move that fast; he had been at the other side of the truck only seconds ago. We step back cautiously. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.

He knew our fear and would have enjoyed it.

I can’t see a way out of this. We are as good as dead.

If only I would have stayed it.

We try to walk backwards - he just smirks at us with those fangs. It makes me sick. I had always been told there was no such thing as monsters - but here is one. He'd had killed my friends and will kill me. I just hope it will be fast.

Bleeding to death is like falling asleep.

He starts walking towards us. We turn around and run - he cuts us off. We turn again - he's already there. Steve whispers in my ear.

"I'm going to distract him, you run for help." Before I can even I respond. He kisses me on the cheek and starts running towards the guy. He's going to sacrifice himself for me. I know I can't help him so I'll do his last wish for me, I'll run.

I run for what felt like miles but couldn't possible have been. My legs were aching but I can't, I won’t stop. I have to run for Steve, I have to get help.

I never did.

I trip, spraining my ankle this time. I try to get up but can't. I don't have the strength. I start to scream as loud as I can. Just hoping I had run far enough for my family to hear me.

They woke; but thought it was an animal.

I scream and scream and continue to scream even when my throat began to burn. I start to feel dizzy. I was fading. I try to keep my eyes open but they were getting heavier and heavier. I was on the ground still screaming. My last words were help before I past out.

Before I died.
To be continued next week.
(it will be as it already written)

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