Saturday, 17 November 2012

E-Readers (and why a Book spree means none for me)

You know how I said last week I was thinking of getting a Kindle. Yeah, thats not going to happen. Mainly because I went out and spent the cost of a kindle on books. Since last May I've start going through a phrase of just buying books in sprees. I can't just buy one.

However, this could just be that I always buy my books at a discount. Either they're on sale or second hand. Buying in mass, especially off the internet tends to be cheaper.

 Another reason I'm not getting a kindle is that the ebook are sometimes the same price as a physical book. Which I don't understand. Some of the cost of a paperback or hardback goes into the manfacture of the book, the cost of book to be transported to the store you buy it from. So the cost is justified for all physical books.

I know it will cost money to host the book on Amazon or whatever site you get the ebook from, but that can't be the same as making the book because then it wouldn't be worth it and all the books would be that much. Yet you still get ones at 99p. 

As a general rule, I don't trust technology. It always vulnerable. If I were to spilled a glass of liquid on a book I would be able to save it by dying out the pages carefully, a e-reader would be fucked. A book isn't just going to decided it won't let me read it, while technology can work perfectly one day and then refuse to function the next. This is the same reason I still buy cds when I can, and I was proved right when my ipod quit on me, conveniently right before Christmas two years ago. If I hadn't bought the CDs instead of downloading them, I would have had to buy them again. Great for YouMeAtSix, not so much for me.

Also the biggest thing against not getting one is I actually like be surrounded by books. I keep them, look at them in fondness. Also when are you going to stumble upon a ebook with the author's signature in it.


Well, that was undue dramatics. I'm off to add to my alarmly increasing library.

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