Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Nightmare after Halloween

So this shouldn't be a surprising post, yes it is indeed about Halloween and how now is the perfect time to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas. In my opinion, the correct time to watch it is late November as it is between Halloween and Christmas. So to be sad Halloween is over and approximately excited for Christmas. 

Anyway, my Halloween was okay. I didn't do anything much, craved a pumpkin and dressed up for a few hours. Also attempted to bob for apples. Yes, I cheated and just picked it up after I licked it several time.

My pumpkin that now haunts my dreams
My little Brother's...this was a nightmare getting done.

 Here are four of the pictures I ended up taking/being taken of me. I shall continue to talk while you look though. I never actually did anything that spooky that day. I read a few creepypastas. Main reason for this was I was gravely ill. Okay, not gravely. I had on and off painfully headache and my voice was on the edge of going. I just was tired even after a goodish nights sleep and I've kinda continued to feel this way for the past few days.

 I finally heard back from SAAS about my Bursary. So I actually have money now, more money than I've ever had before. At this point I would like to remind you all that I'm poor and prone to books sprees. So that might not be saying much. But it was backtracked months. So I guess that enough with hinting how loaded I am now. Though, I've stopped hoping from gaining money from my ads on Youtube. I'm not going to do anything stupid with it. Probably just pay things that need paying, visit to England at some point to annoy a certain someone and buying a bookcase.
Also comic books...

I'm actually spreading my Saturday being social and going to a party. I know a strange thing to be coming from me and its not even fancy dressed geekfest.

Two parties this year, and I had plans last summer, I'm turning into a social butterfly. LOL, just imagine if that ever happen. No my nights remind to be sober and book reading fun, code for there is a book in my bag and I am not getting drunk as it is boring.

So I'm off to get my stuff ready and put my favourite programmes on record to watch tomorrow. 
Farewell for now, losers.

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