Saturday, 10 November 2012

Where the hell is a phone?

Something thats been bugging me lately is that Phone booths are gone from the streets. I honesty think there's still a need for them. I'm not saying a great one. However, I've been in situations where I've really needed one, but none are anyway to be found.

I know most people have mobile phones now a days, but they can so easily go wrong. Who hasn't lost their phone, had the battery died, or simply left it in the house? 

I left my phone on the bus, on my first day of college and annoyingly I couldn't contract my parents to inform them of this (and something else, forget), no phone booths could be found. It also kinda sad that there's not a need for a British iconic and superman now has no where to change. Whats he going to do, spin around really fast? Yeah, I think not.

Okay, I just want to share that thought before my little talk about what I've been up. The party last week was okay, really didn't like the DJ. I still very much still prefer to read about a party than going to one. I got my bursay which has meant I've been spending money, bit too much
 However, most of this money has went somewhere usefully, such as my new bookcase. Lovely thing. Also more books....always need books. Clothes as well. Finally, got Nightmare before Christmas; so odd that I didn't own that yet. Then again it is on TV a lot. 

Thinking of getting a Kindle, which has apparently turned into me getting a Kindle Fire HD, not bought it yet, but it is a likely possibility. Might be my christmas present to myself. I just don't know.

Generally, off to do important stuff such as college work and my personal statement. At this very moment, I'm off to bed.

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