Saturday, 16 August 2014

First Edinburgh Book Festival Trip

Haló people, so I went to the Edinburgh International Book Festival last Saturday and made a very long video about it. Just the usual stuff of book signing, long bus rides, issues ridden hostels, authors thinking I'm cool. Hey, stopping laughing. Lucy Ivison (co-writer of Lobsters with Tom Ellen) said my name was cool and then David Levithan said my bag was cool therefore I am cool.

Or just cold. My body temperature does sit slightly under average body temperature.

What was I saying? Right, the Edinburgh Book Festival was as fun as I expected. Edinburgh the city wasn't as busy as I expected. It was busy though, but the streets were not packed that you could barely move, I didn't expect that though. Just busier I guess.

The bus was a fun six hours and more. I mostly read during the journey. The hostel was problematic but actually fine.

Authors are everywhere
We went to the Scottish National Gallery and the Portrait one. There were both sort of shit. The Gallery is tiny and full of terrible abstract art at the moment. There is literally a bunch of clear plastic sheets as soon as you walk in hanging from the roof. Also the staff think a backpack and a rucksack are the same thing. One of the lockers swallowed my pound and I never had another one to give it so I had to carry my bag at my side.

We also ended up buying a suitcase from Primark as my mum had became obsessed with the idea of a bag with wheels. My books ended up there. I had promised my mum I wouldn't buy anything but once I was there how could I resist. Books that are signed are rare thing for me. I brought all Jennifer E. Smith's book up there and  two of David Leviathan's books to get them signed by the authors. It was cool being up there if you want to details, you watch my vid about it as I don't feel like going through it again but here are some pictures.

Well, I'm off to get ready for tomorrow trip to Edinburgh and avoid my mother.

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