Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wasps on Set.

They're never know. Shit, I told you.
You can turn part of a stage into a bed and just hope the audience doesn't noticed that there is clearly no  mattress under the duvey or sees the wood behind the pillows.

I spent most of this week on a film set of sorts. It's been interesting, especially being the oldest person in the Young Film Club.

Monday was petty boring as I wasn't in any scenes and didn't get to do any of the filming. We gained two people. We lost someone, only had someone that day and we were informed that we were only going to have one of the main character's actor for two days. We now randomly have actual actor in the film. He's been Doctor Who and everything so I'm amused. we also filmed outside without a tripod that we could attach the camera to. Locations included: outside of high school having work done (strange dust was coming from the roof); a graveyard and turning a meeting room into a class room. I also lay on the floor to film people's feet.

Tuesday, I had my first awkward experience of being in front of the camera. I could hear my accent getting stronger for some reason and said a line three times, a different way each time. I prefer being behind the camera, unless it's my camera. We went up to the woods that day which was not a fun experience. My legs hurt with all my walking last week. I kinda stopped that whilst we were filming. I brought my own tripod with me so we could have steady shot fun.

Wednesday was more wood fun but now haunted dolls. I did one of the dolls make up and it indeed sucked..You think I have began to be good after all this time of painting weird things on my face. I was a lot more gentle than others with putting make-up on. I did the last of my shooting that day which was interesting.

Thursday was not a productive day. We made a fake bed and set up a kitchen scene in a town hall but the needed actor never arrived so we had used body doubles for the bedroom scenes, hopefully the audience will see what we wanted them to see. We did some editing, I did most of it with quite a quick pace so by the end of that day we had a whole scene of footage edited, which gave us three minutes and we had another minute edited from an another day so we have four whole minutes edited. Though, there might be changes made to what's been edited. For example, someone in the background looks up and smiles into the camera. We might get away with it but I'll know.  Today was also the only day where I brought the case for the tripod, it would have been helpfully on the days we walked up to the woods. Lots of wasps after us and everyone that day.  My age was also reveal and I was the only only adult on set (that day, there's a 17 year old involved) besides the gun running the thing.

 So that wrap on my part of the filming of the film, there is still addiction footage and two scenes to be filmed. There meant to be editing sessions happening and said I would help with that. Not sure why considering I hate editing and I have a massive pile of footage of my own I should really get around to editing. All good for the personal statement and that.

I'm off now to wander around Edinburgh and meet authors.

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