Saturday, 2 August 2014

Going Loomy

My mum has gotten me addicted to the current craft trend: Loom Bands. They've been big for a while but as I no longer go to school or leave the house I didn't know this. My mum had brought a packet of "Frozen" Loom Bands, which was actually odd choice of colours including a pale pink, two oranges, white, black and barely any pale blue. I started on Thursday and now on to "advance" patterns; quickly running out of bands; own five looms. I don't actually have four of those looms in my possession as I ordered them online and have not yet to arrived.

My mum brought me one after I ask her to get me more bands since I ran out and my orders won't arrive for a while. I order two sets with cases containing a  loom and bands. One of the looms is not much use and I brought the other one mainly for the loom. I also broke today and brought actual Rainbow Loom and the Monster Tail. The cheap one my mum brought me worked but was annoying with bending and coming out the base. I couldn't find a review saying whether it was worth it or not to get the Monster Tail so I will have to do that my review myself.

I'm off to attempt making loom bracelets whilst walking because I have so little to say this week.

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