Saturday, 29 November 2014

Still ill. Still Procasnating.

Every time I go to write my personal statement I end up writing a essay about what is film and story telling. I can't believe it not written yet. I don't even have a proper draft of it. How brain? How? WHY?

Sure, I have a lot of thoughts about it. I mean my joke personal statement is done. The one where I based my whole want to be film maker on The Great Movie Ride at Disney World (it will always be MGM to be). There just all this pressure to be perfect. Also how am I meant to talk about my passion for film without sounding like a cliché or a fake? Sure, I wasn't never going to say Steven Spielberg was my favourite director (he produced great cartoons though). But I feel like you can't mention anything. Like I should I say that I really like the framing of the Noir film Sunset Boulevard and how interesting the time period it takes place because it was the first of the hasbeens. If you like that film but would like a less murdery plot there a Twilight Zone episode that's similar in that it has once famous actress refusing to let go of her fame and youth: The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine. I like it, it tragic.

I like books about books, films about films and vice versa. I actually I just generally like both mediums. Also TV shows that are done right as well. I could write several essay about these mediums having got me through the worst times in my life. I've had actually had the stupid thought (fleeting) if I killed myself or did something stupid leading to my death then I never find out how that story ends and sometimes the stupidness thing are worth living for. If school is shit (which it often was), then you just have to make through Thursday till your favourite shows on and then its Friday and the weekend begins. 

I guess the same with movies series but to the same extent. I looked forward to the end of the The Dark Knight trilogy but am officially done with the Superman Vs Batman film. I dreading it more than anything. I've actually given up hope that things will ever be sorted out enough for the Live Action films to be decent by the time they decide to join up big league characters. Also Sucide Squad could just be a disaster. Fackly, they should just jump into the deep end with a Justice League film. Actually, they should make a Wonder Woman film and then a justice league because she the only main leaguer who hasn't appeared in any live action things in donkeys. I mean most of the League showed up in Smallville and those who didn't have had films. I also wish they would try Birds of Prey again. I think it would work now as there already fanbase for Superheros desperate for more Superheroines in action.

I'm just not feeling any of the upcoming DC live-action films. Still not watched the Gotham or the Flash despite having them on series record. My excuse was not wanting to start them before the Holiday but they are now the only shows I haven't caught up on (except for the Walking Dead but I've not got access to all the episodes I need to catch up on it).

I had weird driving lesson experience where the instructor lost her voice just as I messed up a roundabout. I hate roundabouts.Got out of it sort of.

 I'm out of here now. Bye.

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