Saturday, 6 December 2014

I need a pause button for this thing.

My Personal Statement is yet to be finished. Not sure if I want to say more or not. It processing. I have edited stuff, there is parts that I am happy but there's not enough film stuff. Words are hard to make impressive when they're about yourself and not fictional characters that you destroy emotically.

I haven't wrote creatively in a while that is a issue. Also no successfully vlogging. I tried talking to the camera but it was late and I wasn't feeling it. Once Christmas holidays start maybe. Probably not. I still have a portfolio to edit. Why Brain? Why Brain?

I have a appointment for a Clinical Psychologist on Monday. Finally. I was referred over a year ago, they just discharged me without seeing me. I don't if that was them being confused from the time, my mum made me go in about sleeping all the time and they sent me questionnaires to fill out, let just I found the available answers lacking so I wrote in some better ones that I couldn't send in. They actually sent me appointment when I was in Holiday that happen when I was in another country so I obviously couldn't go nor could I tell them I couldn't go because I didn't know. 

They sent me Core 10. Like is that normal when you going to seeing about possible Autism/Aspergers? I couldn't find out by the power of Google. Maybe they just send to everyone who has appointment, otherwise I'm worried Monday is going be awkward afair because I'm petty okay on the mental health at the moment. Petty sure my emotions are reacting to my environments and not a just steady level of despair.

Though got to stay it hard to judge ones levels of panic being abnormal when one is attempting the process of UCAS. 

I have new TV, I let my parents pick it, I should have went with them. I mean they went for the more expensive one, because the cheaper one was white. If that really was the only other difference, besides brand, then cheaper is generally better especially when you already own people money. It good TV, I like it. My parents did spend 30 quid on a HMDI cable I don't need for my Skybox.

And because I have spent too much time bonding with TVs, I should be going to work on that UCAS thing and catch on college. Type to you, when I type to you.

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