Saturday, 17 October 2015

Short Story: Burning Memories

Meh. I have nothing to say this week. Here's another short repost.

Burning Memories

I woke from the the fire alarms going off, It didn't register at first just what that meant. I jumped from the bed and ran to the door when my brain started to function. I open the door I could see the an orange light coming from down the stairs. I didn't pause to see how bad it was, I felt my way to my three-years old bedroom. She was fast a sleep. Kids, it amazing what they can sleep though. I wrapped her in her in the blanket at the end of the bed. I carried her to the top the stairs to see if it was possible to get past the fire. I could see the door with the keys still in the lock. I slowly walk down the stairs with a still sleeping Kate in my arms. I made it to the door safely and use the sleeve of my pyjama top to open the door. I ran out on the front yard. I stopped running when I got to the other side of the road. I sat down on the payment. I made sure Kate was aright, she was still sleeping. We were safe, that was all that matter... for now anyway

Fire, giver of light, healthy food but so much destruction. It could flatten forests in days. It destroys homes, life's and as I watch as all my hard work go up, quite literally, in flames, the tears leaked out of my eyes. It had took us years to turn that house into our perfect home. All of it was gone, every single thing was destroyed.

It had been where Katie had taken her first steps, her first everything. It had been where we had taken our first steps as adults together. Buying our first house together, it was where you had asked me to married you. God, you had almost set the house on fire that night. You burned the dinner and there was open flames everywhere. You asked me, as we were eating the chains take-out. I of course said yes but pause just to make you even more nervous. I probably should of realised you were up to something but I hadn't expected a thing. You sneak into the house the night before our wedding, you were meant to be staying over at your Best Man's flat instead he came over here and dragged you out of our bed. You still saying that you didn't need any luck after you had me as your wife. Saying traditions were stupid but you still banged my head carrying me over the threshold. Our last happy memories as a family happen in that house and now all I had left was memories and your eyes peaking out at me from our daughter.

Everything was a blur except the fire that night. I stayed as it burned without anything to stop it, I watched as the firemen tried to put out the fire that already destroyed our home. I didn't even leave to call them, it must of been one of the neighbours. I still sat there as the sun raise and the fire finally went out leaving nothing left but ash and an empty structure that had been our home. I wasn't even sure how long I sat there with Kate still wrapped in my arms. I don't think they even noticed us sitting there until it was all over.

"I think she in shock."

Shock, yes possible, most likely. I had lost everything but nothing really. I still had Katie and I had still had you. I would always have you, won't I?

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