Saturday, 25 June 2016

Old People continue to Suck.

We are almost half way through the year and it probably has to be the collective worst. The UK is officially out of the EU (in two years). If Donald Trump thinks its a good idea, then you know your country has made a critical mistake.

Scotland's votes once again don't matter, because England over rules. We voted to stay and they voted to leave. Its all rather unsatisfactory.

Scotland will have to leave. Both Referendums have been filled with major lies and old people fucking young people over. Of course, they were young people who voted No and Leave, but those people are giant fucking hypocrites. How can you say its good to leave EU but Scotland and England should stay in the same union despite having variously different politic views, such as whether or not to leave the EU. The fact that EU Referendum even happened was a fuck you to Scotland. One of the No campaign's biggest thing was the guarantee of the EU. Scotland gains very little from being in the UK, especially a UK that isn't in the EU.

My dad is sick of Referendums, but that's England's fault. David Cameron seemed to be adamant to see the UK to be in shambles and for him having to resign in shame. He almost lost Scotland, and then he agree (his government which he is the face of anyway) to a second referendum that went against one of the promises/arguments for Scotland to remain with the UK.

I don't want to leave the EU and I want the votes of Scotland to matter. They didn't this time and I have never voted in a general election where they did matter. Nor have my parents. Scotland basically voted in an entire party (One Tory voted in by old Farmers a.k.a old white rich people who fuck everyone else over (I know this from the roads I've seem them destroy).

I've been joking about the apocalypse but who knows with the current politics? It just very easy to visualise Dystopias. This whole Brexit has ruined being British for me. Even if anyone has the sense to ignore the vote result, considering how close it was and the amount of Leaver votes now saying they regret what they've done. A referendum is technically a suggest to the government. A government that neither side saw coming.

Whatever happens moving forward, my British identity is currently dead. Being on the same island bounds us all, but forcing out other people, I've had enough of you. Being angry at old people is the real millennials trend. For those who think they Won back their country. You've ready killed it. Any doubts I had about whether Scotland and England could still be comparable is dead. Great Britain is dead. The UK is dead. Long live the Recession.

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