Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Ugliness of the Olympics

With several million other people (which was a challenge to fit them all in my livingroom) I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night. It was a "Once in life time experience" till I watch it online or the best of the Olympics which I'm sure the BBC will be working on as I type.

I'm taking this post as one of my last chance to bitch about the incoptannce of the Creative team of the London Olympics. For anyone whose been near me when they have reveal an element of their effects such as the Logo, you will have heard this all before in one way or another.

Lets start with said Logo. I bet they thought they were being creative when they made this, they weren't. I am also half aware of the whole Nion thing, but I'm going to ignore that since frankly that stupid considering that it is just the year 2012 they've based the logo and you have to do a lot to get it to look like that. Also it does not look like the Nazi symbol. Though it does sort of look like Lisa Simpson giving someone a blow... doing a rude sexual act.
Back to my main point, the Logo is just ugly, especially the moving version. They spent £400,000 on it when a group of school kids could have done a better job. You know what I think that would have actually done a better job of inspiring this country's youth than this ever could. Also people wouldn't have been so judgement if it had been the result of contest. I was 15 when this was released and all it inspired me to was moan about the stupidisy of the Olympic organisers. Even though I hate it, this isn't as bad as the Olympics get. 

No, that honour goes to these Nightmare givers, the Masgots. I guess these could inspire the UK youth to get into running, so they could get away from them faster. In all seriousness did they get the people who design the Doctor Who monsters. Also I've got that to say Wenlock and Mandeville (that's their names by the way) backstory is as disturbing. Their single eyes are not eyes at all, but cameras and they're recording EVERYTHING. 

OMG, they live *Horror Scream*
Yes, I am just waiting for the Doctor to show up and deflect these monsters. Oh, Now I get why they do with Britain and London.

I will say this is where the horrorfling part of the Olympics (creative wise anyway) ends. 

As for the opening Ceremony is was petty boring at the beginning and didn't even realise it had started (had been watching the countdown programme while attempting to play Chess for the first time).  After the Victorian bit, it got quite good. I love the fact we gloat about the NHS, since it is something to be proud for.

This is where my lazyness set in, I will leave saying it was very British. My sib and I were feeling very patriotic by the end of it, and end up discussing our thoughts on Scotland's Independence with tears in our eyes, feeling like idoits. We blame the alcohol (okay, I only had one unit) and don't worry we're both back to our bitching ways.

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