Saturday, 7 July 2012

Off to T in the Park (CAMPING IN THE RAIN!!!)

So what should I write about this week while I'm away "Moshing" or hitting that idiot screaming next to me (okay, neither are likely to actually happen, but we know both are in me) while being the most sober person at T in the Park. Yeah, still don't get the appeal of alcohol even after drinking it and drugs that ain't prescribed are for idoits. Though, I am bringing  the worth of 15 single bottles of alcopops and a big bottle too. The weather is meant to be shit this weekend for it, if you're in Scotland/UK you can switch on BBC and see whether I'm being soak or not.

On Friday I'm going to just go covered in fake blood. How does that go with the theme of Fairytale Wonderland? If you know your fairytales you would realise that fairies and the Faye are evil things more than cutsy and glitter filled. You know they partake in kidnapping kids, murdering the adults and so on. I think I'm going for the evil side anyhow. Girly Princesses or fairy God mothers are not really my thing. I like reading about them I guess.

I'm looking forward to possibely seeing Florence and the Machine, The Blackout, Christina Perri, The Subways and Twin Atlantic. I obviously end up going to see other bands/singers, those just the ones I want to make a point of seeing. I kinda I want to go see McFly, we see what the times are (DAMN Clashes).

I'm going with other people so I'm sure they're be making a point of their tastes which are likely to be different from mine.

It should be a  very interesting long weekend, without any access to the internet. I'm not taking my smart phone or ipod. God, the journey up there is going to be a nightmare. Oh, How will I live without music for a few hours? Though I am taking a notepad and I will write if I feel like it (Ha, take that Elaine a.k.a one of the sibs I'm going with). I don't except to write much, but we see.

Yeah, bit of a filler. That's all been happening this week besides being ill. I hope I'm fully recovered by T in the Park time.  I'll probably show some of the Picts from the event, I'm taking my mum's old camera.

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