Saturday, 14 July 2012

T in the Park Recovery (Trips along the way)

Hello my faithful readers (yes, I'm kiding on you exist and they're someone actually reading my blog), so as I said last week I was at T in the Park. As so many have said before me, it was the best and almost worst weekend of my life. 

Lets start with the worse, because the worst part was at the beginning. To get to T in the Park, you have to walk. Depending on if you drive yourself or get dropped off and way you find yourself, the length of your hell will be different. Carrying all your stuff is hard and it all on fucking glasses.You have to take a tent, bedding, food (Also everyone brings their own alcohol) and anything you need/want to bring with you. This is why I suggest coming in a group. So you can share your burden. Also putting all your camping stuff in a suitcase is a lot easier carrying it individually. I actually walked this again without the bags, and it wasn't that bad. With the bags, the walk back sucked.
The Crowd under a grey sky before the sun burnt us all

We had a shorter walk of Death (as the T in the Park Vets call it), because my sib was disabled. Though, I think we went through the wrong place. I really don't someone in a wheelchair could have managed those fields.  Once we actually got to the line, it was another nightmare. Sure, at first it was break from the hellish walking and torment of heavy bags. But then people decided to stand up and try to cram to the front, before the Park actually opened. We got there at 10 am and they let us in 3pm. 

 Getting to the campsite was hard and putting the tent up was awkward. We eventually decided to spit up, half went with the tent and rest stayed with the bags. At this point, I would recommend not taking a broken tent that you're "borrowed" off someone. We actually ended leaving it, because frankly I don't think it would survive another night. Though, you should take yours take back with you if it in working order. 

The first two days were sunny (Thursday and Friday) instead of the promise hell rain, but it came on Saturday and left mud for the rest of the weekend. When I say Saturday, I mean it began at midnight and continued all day on and off. None of us brought suncream, so we all got slightly brunt waiting in line, but I was brunt red all over my face and somehow my shoulders. My skin actually began to peal on Saturday and the security kept thinking I wanted/needed pulled out. It has to be the worst sunbrunt I've ever been and now I have new freckles and a tan. Not a happy goth am I.

  Also some arsehole tried to steal from my tent, though I was sitting up so the idiot got nothing. I had literally just turned the light off in my tent. He actually said "Sorry, to interrupt up" I said something along lines of "Fuck off". At the time, I though he was just drunk and went to the wrong tent. I had actually seen someone with the same tent as me early that day. I realise he was a thief the next day, because he had tried to get into the other tents in our group. I didn't sleep well that night, but that was mainly to do with the rain and my sib vomiting.

The worst part of the weekend was that my sib, had to go home on Saturday due to illness. So I ended up sleeping in a tent by myself for the rest of the week. Wasn't really that bad being alone, being force to listen to screams of the riders and other human sounds of the night.

Now on to the Best parts, which was most of it. The music is obviously, it what we go for. I saw a lot of great bands and musical people, I missed a lot of great ones. Here are my seen list: Dot Rotten, Kaiser Chiefs, Example, Florence + Machine, SNOW PATROL, Jessie J (shit),  Two Door Cinema Club, David Guetta, Nicola Benedetti, Mcfly, Twin Atlantic, Fun., James Morrison (instead of Christina Perri), Bombay Bicycle Club, Keane, (start of and got pulled out because couldn't stand it) Chase & Status, random of wandering involving Elbow and BBC introducing Tent) and Kasabian.

My favourite was Twin Atlantic, they were brilliant and performing at T in the Park must have meant so much to them,considering it was their Festival (in the same way its mine). Their banter with the crowd was great too.

Some arse of T in the Park were: Example because he was idiot and encouraged the crowd to do things that hurt or prevented others' full enjoyment. You never tell people to do start mosh pits when the audience is fully parked and there's no bloody room; Nicki Minaj, frankly she has to learn that she ain't all that, because she not. I never like her music and now I don't like her as a person.

The atmosphere at TITP also makes it. There just a constant buzz in the air.  The crowd make it as much as the acts do; no matter how great the band is, it kinda bummer if no one else is jumping or air pumping for them. As a rule thing I think concerts in Scotland are better. It not a concert unless there a group of people chanting "Here, here, Here we fucking go" (another thing I liked about Twin Atlantic, was this definitely encouraged where Keane had no idea what we were "singing").

The group of people I went with were also great and drinking in our "Garden" which we had created by centring our four tents together, was fun as well.

Another point to make is that I didn't really mind the mud or the rain that fell and it was just part of the experience for me. It was hard to walk through, but no different than walking up a river or err...mucky field. I know my non-farm livers might disagree with me.

I know I promised photos last week, but my camra broke before we even got into the Camp site. So here some photos other's took.

So if you're wondering, yes I will most certainly be going back and the plan is be there for next year which is why I've been telling everyone I want a ticket to 20th year of T in the Park for the 20th Birthday. This is could become a pattern.

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