Saturday, 21 July 2012

The world we live in

I suppose this is a post similar to a lot of Comic and Film Fanatic (is that bad choice of words?), that are saying that the Aurora Batman theatre shootings has very little to do with Batman, because frankly it doesn't. When I saw the news about it on Twitter waking up, it must have actually been mere hours after it happen, my first thoughts were please don't let this effect Batman or the Dark Knight Rises. Not sure if that insensitive to the victims and their families. 

It's just I'm a strong believer that media of any forms does not truly influence people to do horrible things since these horrible things have been happening since history started. There may be different weapons or ways of attack, but there all unjustified. I'm not talking about "Acts of War", I referring to the terrible things that people have always done to their neighbours and fellow humans. In this century and the last, it has became common practice to blame the media for our problems, including real violence.

I'm not saying that media is never linked to these acts of violence, I'm just saying that a non-stable person who is prone to violence, will always be prone to it whether or not they subjected to violence in the media. From the perspective of a Batman fan, before hearing anything about James Holmes claiming to be the Joker, I honestly thought doesn't he have the wrong movie, random shooting is more the Joker's thing than Bane's. So I saw the link there. Even with that, The Dark Knight or any thing involving Batman is never meant to make the Joker appear desirable. He has to be one of the saddest Batman characters. Batman has always been about facing fears and standing against the common evil of the world.
I've got to say the saddest thing about the Theatre shooting is that it not shocking. From a non-American point of view, we heard about random shooting happing in America all the time, that in a lot of ways its one of America's Stereotypes. That they're gun wielding manic acts and those who ain't are all fine about it. Obviously, that isn't true and random shooting have happen in Britain but I only really know of one that is similar to this one and it happened decades ago. 

Sometimes it just becomes more apparent what a horrific world we live in, we can only do our best to prevent and purished these acts, but most improtantly continue to live through them. 

I'll still be going to see "The Dark Knight Rises", though my excitement for it has been tainted. 

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