Saturday, 22 December 2012

We Survived! (Now time for Christmas)

 Hi, so the worlds still turning, I know it shocking that the apocalypse has yet to come. Honesty I'm starting to feel like The Doctor or probably more like Buffy with the many "Ends of the World" I survived. I guess this is why there so many secret heroes out there. I can only now keep trying to prevent the end of the world with the rest of them.

So I saw the Hobbit this week. It was good, a tad long. I might have been better off leaving it till came out on dvd. Still very good. Basically at the end I swear I could hear the fan girls writing. Enjoy it, but I did have the horrifying moment when they showed a interview thing for the last Twilight. Just the completely wrong audience for that.Yay, for being the only teenage girl there. I went to this off peak showing on Tuesday at like noon. I actually walk for 40 minutes to get to the cinema. That amuses me, I think that everyone should walk for at least half hour before seeing any of the Lord of the Ring films.

So plans for my brief freedom (Christmas holidays) involved rewatching Sherlock, reading large books that awkward to carry around, watching the Christmas Tim Burton films (he really likes Christmas) and of course watching the Doctor Who Special.

 Hopefully, I'll survived that as well. 

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