Saturday, 1 December 2012

Oh, I totally see Unicorns all the time (at the same rate as Haggis)

For some reason I was really tired on Friday. I had went into college, but I don't think that explains why I basically sleep for Twelve hours (waking up at 2pm on Saturday). Especially, having had a nap for a least an hour. You may have noticed that I wrote Saturday, instead of today. Well, I wrote this on Sunday (or today as likes to be known) but I'm going to put put it as Saturday because...coz.

Okay, I forgot. I only remember today. It didn't even click when I was watching Saturday TV that there was something I was meant to do something on Saturdays. Something I do every Saturday. Nope. Only on did I remember that I had forgot about my weekly blog post. D

Did anything happen this week? No, if I had actually properly did NaNoWriMo I could have spoken about that, but hell I only wrote 1734 words and then wander away. 

I did learn something interesting about my home country. That Unicorns are National animal. Yeah. I had my doubts about that too, but then again the royal crest does have a Unicorn and a lion on it.  I also google it and it was true. I guess Scots just like have mythical creatures.

The rest of the Britains no better. Welsh have a dragon and England have a lion apparently, but honestly that seems more Scottish to me. There are so leopards.

That's all have to say, good days losers.

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