Saturday, 15 December 2012

END IS NIGH!!! (and it has been for the past five hundred years)

So since the world is meant to end next Friday (21st December 2012), I thought I would write an end of the world story (sort of) and since Zombies is the favourite cause among the others on my college course. Also I do sort have got a plan if was zombies and I suppose in theory a virus could cause brain cells to die and cause crazed actions as attacking and eating people. (Also I need to stop using the word AND).
I'm frankly cynical about the world ending this year or the next as so many Americans seem to believe. Maybe its because I've already live through so many other "End of the Worlds". There seems to be at least one every decade since I was born or maybe the cold war. If there was some sort of disaster it will purely be coincidental. Maybe it only be America since that where the Mayas are from. My theory is that the Mayas either give up on a calendar that was hundreds years into the future or they died out before they could finish it. So blame the Spanish.

So I give you ZOMBIES!!!:

I walk slowly down the street, my bus was still ten minutes away. The street is quiet, nothing that shocking just usually there at least someone else waiting for the bus. Its last and only one that goes around the west villages from the town. I was sure I wasn't the only person who had gotten off here this morning. There still plenty of time. I'm just being paranoid. Seen too many horror films to trust silence fully.

Just my own gentle steps seemed to be the only noise. It kinda bugs me that I've started to hum by the time I'm under the shelter of the bus stop. I scan the street for any for sign of life. I known there's be people in the houses, but you just can't tell from the outside. I see a woman walking towards me. Even from a distance I can see her coat is stained. I stared at her openly, trying to figure out what the stain is due to my boredom and likely hood of never seeing this woman again. Dried mud. No dripped. Dried dirty water. Blood. No too much to be that. You're be dead if all that was your own.

I notice the woman is limping and her hair covers her face as she comes closer. I know the right thing is to ask if she okay, but my insight is to flee. Instead of doing either, I decided to ignore her, moving deeper into the shelter, and not bring attention to myself. I turn away from the women, her still coming closer and begin scanning the road for signs of the bus. I really hope its early for once. It probably be late, it always late.

I breath in the fresh air to almost vomit. There's a repulsive smell, similar to the one of the dead mouse my cat had hidden in the stair cupboard. It was maggot infested when we found it. However, this smell was worst. I look around the shelter looking for the source. The only unusually thing I see is the women. The bus stop had smelled fine yesterday. That can't be her, can it? Who could stand to smell that bad?

She walks by the shelter in front of me. Oh my god, it is her. I cover my mouth and nose in attempt to block the smell, it doesn't help. I stare at her urging her to just go on. She keeps walking slowly. Before stopping and turning as if confused. She sniffs the air.

Maybe it not her after all, but why did the smell get so worst if not. She walks into the other entry of the bus stop. She turns to me. She stops again. Her hands are state, filthy and defiantly covered in blood. Her nails are ruined, broken length wise and some are missing completely.

"Can I help you with something?" I ask hesitantly. "Are you okay?"  She doesn't replied but she begins to walk again. I move before she can touch me. She walks into the wall. She craws at it with hands. She begins to moan at it. I step back from her. There something clearly wrong with her. I grab my phone from my pocket to call an ambulance or something. 

I heard a motto coming, I'm hoping it the bus. I run out to the shelter and knocking over a man. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry," I say as I offer him my hand. He grabs onto it. I have him off the ground when bites me. I let go of him and he lands on the ground. I look my arm he's took a chunk out of fresh from my arm. I scan the road looking for help. I see a mass of people coming towards. My instinct is to run, I listen to it this time. 

I run to the opposite direction, thankfully I see my bus coming from that way. I bang on the door as it goes past me. The driver slams on the brakes and I pull the door open.t

"Just fucking keep going," I shout as the driver as I climb on to the steps. He looks at me as if I'm insane.

"Please I'm being chased and there no one else coming," I show him my bus pass even though he sees me everyday.

He finially starts going as the mad women from the shelter slams herself as the door he just shut. I can her teeth and there bloody. I gulp, falling into the front seat. I take in deep breaths trying to calm down. I feel hot and sweaty not from running. I look at my injured arm. The wound was full of pus, it was too soon for it to be inflected. Oh god that guy must have been ill or something. Fuck. I fill with panic. I have no idea what to do. I fight to keep my eyes open. I lose.


The bus is late again. I jump up and down trying to keep warm. It not working much, the cold has sceept into my bones. I keep jumping until I see the bus, I get my pass out now so I can just go straight to a warm seat in the back.

The driver just nods at me as I get in using my pass as a shield against eye contract. The bus only has a few people on it including a girl who passed out in the front seat. Probably just didn't get enough sleep the night before. I managed to get the seat that heater hides under. The bus is quiet is normal, slowly filling up with each stop. 

I stare out the window having forget to begin a book with me this morning. World around us is a story anyway. We soon leave the crowded sheets to the countryside that separates the town from the villages and farms. I'm just admiring the moon reflecting on the lake when I hear the scream of a women. I look up at the front to see my a girl attacking the back of the driver. Two men are trying to pull her off but its too late to stop the bus leaving the road heading straight to the lake. A scream leaves my throat even though I know its no good.

Yeah, never expect much from these blog written for stories. They can be rather forced. See you next week, as I have faith in us both to survive.

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