Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Exit (Short Story) a.k.a. The Accomplishments of this week

So my week without parents is coming to a close. How time flies when there isn't any family members to bug. My parents are coming back late tomorrow now, bring with them my older sister and little brother. The older sister will leave, I will probably leave before my little brother does.

So this week has been productive in terms of video making as I have managed to make a video every day so far this month (Here a playlist of my VEDJ videos). I haven't been that successfully in terms of writing and tidying my room. My room is still quite a state, I have almost finished organising my clothes which is the hardest part of organising my room. For some reason dealing with my clothes really takes a lot out of me mentally and physically. The fact I almost cried about the prospect of putting them away after I had taken them all out is probably indication that I have too many clothes or that it was 3 am and I was pushing myself to get it done. I'll have to finish up tomorrow before my parents get back as my bed is still covered in stuff and I've been sleeping in their bed as my dog is suk who likes soft beds and carpets.

Seriously, I woke up yesterday with him lying on my side of the bed and trying to lick my face. I everywhere I turn he's there as I'm the only one in the house he likes. For some reason he doesn't like my sib, I always wonder why that it is. Though, if I sleep with my door open I might find idiot on top of me more often.

I meant to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo which has been some what of a fail as I've only wrote a thousand and something words. To be honest I haven't been forcus on it much, I just really want to get my room sorted and then I will go back to writing. I'll just have a day where I sit and forus myself to write until I get the words out of me.

So till then I leave you the short story I did managed to write. I rather like it.

The Exit

I find her in the woods. I go to her as woman: older than her mere teen years, but not mother figure. A sister if anything because she’ll need someone who won’t coddle her but will hold her hand. Someone she’ll trust and not see as a threat.
She stands looking down at what remains of her violated body. They are others young who suffered worst, but I’m still saddened. I’m always saddened by unnatural deaths. To have life taken from you is a terrible thing. Though, I’ve never had it to know.
She feels my presence and turns towards me. I’m glad that came to her from the side,  so we won’t have to walk through the remains. I offer out my hand, she goes to takes it but stops and looks back down.
“Why did he do it?” she asks sounding even more like the child she is. Once upon time, a girl her age would have died in childbirth to her seconded children. I have come for many a child with their own baby.
There so rarely ever talk and I’m never sure what to say to them when they do.
“That’s not my job to tell you,” I say because it all I can say. I don’t pretend to know why humans hurt each other, even after all these millenniums, the only other answer I could give her was that he’s sick and that’s not what she wants to hear right now. It’s only my job to show them to the exit.
She stands in silence for a few of their minutes.  I step towards her and take her arm gently.
“It’s time to leave this place,” I whisper to her. I don’t want to leave her, I hate leaving them to find their own way there.
“I don’t want to go,” she weeps. Even though her body and its water have gone, she forms her tears. The crier always do, it’s something their souls learned to do in life.  I stoke the tears from her face, maybe I was wrong not to come as a mother.
“You can’t and don’t want to stay here,” I say to her. When I leave them they always wander confused, unhappy.         

“What about my mum? I’m all she has,” she whimpers.
“You’re be lost to her if you stay,” I say it, but I’m not sure it true. She could already be lost.  I don’t know anything about what’s behind the exit, just that I have to bring them to it and I will never past it myself.
She pulls away from me; she walks to the other side of her body.
“Do you’re think they’re find me?” she asks me.  I look around at all the livers crowded around us. They clearly already have. The dead and livers never notice each other. I do my best to ignore the livers as there are of no importance to me.
“I’m certain they will,” I say as a policeman pushes his way through the crowd.  The search group actually found her before I arrived. They need time to adjust before the exit.
“Good,” she briefly smiles, before it’s vanishes quickly. She offers out her hand. I smile at the gesture before taking it.  I let her leads out the woods before guild her to the exit. It’s important she leaves somewhere other than the place she was forces out.
The exit is everywhere and anyway. I take her to the park where she played as small child and had her first kiss as an older child.
“Will you come with me?” She asks as she feels the exit open.
I want to say yes, I always want to say yes. To the toddlers who have never across anyway without someone; to those who are too scared to go themselves; to those who don’t ask. She still too wary to go anyway herself. She learnt that lesson.
“I can’t,” I say simply. “I watch till you go through.
“Thanks,” she says. I smile at strangeness of being thanked for my simple job. There always a  few who do. She leans in and kisses me on the lips. She brushes them slowly, I decide to kiss back. I’ve been kissed before. On the check by children, on the hand by gentlemen; being kissed this way is very rare and I’m not sure when it will happen again.
She pulls away smiling at me, I smile back.
“I wanted my last kiss, I mean before I went to be nice,” she playing with the long hair I had decide on. “It was lovely.”
We stand for another of their minutes before she speaks again.
“I have to go now, don’t I?”
I just nod and she walks through the exit as I watch her.
I leave to the next soul, happy knowing my decision to come as young woman was right.

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