Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wordy Slumps: Writing, Reading, VIdeo making.

I feel like writing, but nothing is coming to me as I try. I'm meant to doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month but that been a complete fail. I'm probably only wrote slightly over 1000 words creatively so far this month and there is only four days left.

This blog been slacking as well, I've been cheating with the dates as well. Reviews as well as the post. I just been struggling to write anything and figure out the way I want to write. Plots there, but I'm never happy with the words when I finally to get any out.

I'm kinda back on reading, but I hadn't actually reading that much since college stopped. I did the BookTube-a-Thon and managed to do all the challenges including reading 2166 pages. However, I just didn't want to read after the week till Friday, I needed a five day break.

I'm also meant to be doing VEDJ (Video Every Day in July) but that has failed past week. I've filmed two videos repeatedly but all the takes were shit, so never even started editing it. 

I've also done no drawing, I want to draw petty things like boys, men kissing. 

Also no job, not even jobs that there any point applying to because dear children, most jobs when you have no proper training/experince/driving lisence required you to talk and as you all know talking is not something I do. Speaking to a camra, yes, but not so much to people. 

Life is not fun when you're unemployed, no clue as why anyone likes this. Sure, you don't have to leave your bed but its gets rather pointless.

I'm going to see about voluntering, basically not leaving the house for a month is enough of nothing. I need the experince as well you know helping people and it important to do good stuff. I don't properly give money to charity, I sometimes buy books from charity shops for a little more than there worth in present condition but that still me getting something from it. So yeah, help the world and that. 

I'm off to hopefully get some reading done. By the Bye, the Wednesday review isn't likely to be every week as I'm not as reading as much but reviews will now only appear on Wednesdays when they do appear here. See you lot next week.

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