Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Book Review: Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

This a sequel, why don't they ever make that clear on Netgalley?

If you’re not true to yourself, why should anyone else be?
In her second year of high school Rose Zarelli is determined to become Rose 2.0 - as in, innovative...superior...improved.
Improved how? Well, Rose is setting some ground rules. This year she absolutely most definitely will NOT:
1) do things just because other people want her to
2) randomly shoot her mouth off
3) worry about whether she’s someone’s girlfriend—or not.
And most important of all she determined to tell off Jamie Forta, the boy who might just have broken her heart, once and for all and move on.
After all she’s older and smarter now. She can totally pull this off.
How hard can it be? Right? Right?

This book was rather baw. It has all these issues in it Homophobia, bullying, child abuse, spouse abuse, drug addiction, grief and the mention of a creepy sexual experience. I did not care about any of these as I did not care for any of the characters. Which is quite the fault for contemporary romance, it's not like it's fantasy or something plot driven. You shouldn't really care about the characters. Frankly, there all could have dropped dead and it would have just been something that happened.

Also why is every punishment being banned from sports. Are American schools really that dumb? Very convenient that everyone that needs punishing takes a sport very serious.

It was just a very what was the point? I was hoping for something more than the romance. You did have some friendship action going on but it was rather stereotypical. I just no. I'm not actually sure now why I wanted to read this book, it weird I really can't remember.

It just seem all unlikely, the author was just shoving issues into the book. I get the whole "Trying to show that you don't really know what going on with other people and why they do the things they do" but it didn't feel real.

I didn't get the ending, why the hell did no one just tell the police the truth?

Basically no one learned or gained anything. I gave it the baw rating of 2/5 stars and recommend it to someone who has yet to go High School so that would mean preteens over here and likes that sort of thing.

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