Saturday, 12 October 2013

Funraising and Baking (but not together)

Haló you lot, so I spent most this week standing just hoping someone would be interested in what I'm offering. No, I have not been trying to pick up people at bars without having the guts to go up to anyone. I was attempting to sell quiz sheets, 50p each. One quiz on Music, the other on Film&TV. I was repeatedly told that the question were too hard and I repeatedly said that the group were given the option to weigh in before the printing. I also I had made them awkwardly worded to avoid people from just googling the answers. Though, the only sheets that came in clearly have been. Everyone just nodded and didn't play attention. There were 22 questions in total and I came up with 20 of them. Seemed to be left to sell them too.

We made £32.89 which is weird considering we only sold things for 50p and a pound. We meant to be doing this Funwalk on Tuesday sponsered. Like if we all get 5 quid each that'll give us £90 to buy paint and plants and stuff. Frankly, I'll do it but I'm not going to be getting any sponsers because I don't know anyone and I don't feel comfirmable asking family members. I suggested a Zombie Walk, but only one other person liked that idea. Something about it being too similar to the whole Haunted House thing but like it the season of Halloween. Which reminds that I've still started making my Horror film thing. Maybe I'll be lazy and do Zombies. You know with psychology sort of Zombie bullshit where it ours and them and the same. Though, this is made harder as I have lost part of my tripod, like I can buy a replacement, but I don't have money at the moment.

I know I'm getting Carer's Allowance but don't know when payments will actually start. So we wait while being poor. I liked it better than Jobseeker’s Allowance which is pain with filling the form thing especially when they never send you out the forms. Ar, but lets not get into that right now.

Today, I attempted to make Carmel cake for the first time. It seems that they came out out alright. I tasted the small ones. They were nice, though apparently they tend to taste better the day after. I might make more later, as in next week. I made the pastry myself but the caramel came out of a can because it hard and sort of dangerous to make. Basically, I still have ingredients left over.

My hair turned out well by the way, someone asked me if it was for Halloween.  Of course not, but I plan to look awesome this Halloween. I always look Awesome.

So that they only things that happened this week really. This weeks was bought to you by the word "and". I'm off now to find a zombieish outfits.
Empty tins of Heaven.

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