Saturday, 5 October 2013

Purple and Blue All Over.

Halo peeps, I bet you all dying to know how spending almost three days with people I barely know went. It went as best as to be expected.
Tiny bumpbeds from Ikea.

My trustworthy team mates basically drop me, or more let me fall. It was this thing called a Team Beam, a log up the air (someone walked under it without ducking) and we were meant to help each other other. I wasn't fully over before they let me go. I hit the ground on my right side and laughed. I don't know why, but I laughed when I get hurt apparently. Anyway, now I don't want to see any of them again. Though, that my more of panic at social situations and regret of my choice of vocal communication.

I've learned my lesson, never speak. Never ever. Only write weird ramblings on the internet, that is the one true form of communication.

So how were the actual activities? Fine, alright. Dinosaurs. Okay, there weren't any dinosaurs. There haven't been dinosaurs in millions of years. Just skeletons. There weren't any skeletons either, well not dinosaurs ones. Back to the point, it was sort of fun but I don't think I really learned anything from it. I don't think my team/working with others were improved at all. So it wasn't really very usefully. I guess I just extended the time I've spent away from my parents of lately. 3 days without them, how lovely.

Where we staying was petty nice, it would make awesome horror movie setting. I mean just by the exterior, but it does actually have a creepy history. It really run down looking, it mostly wood which cracked and chipped. Though, I think that part of it charm. There was this toilet that had cravings all over the wall. I really regret not getting a picture, as it was so cool looking. Terms of horror, it also has the whole isolated in the woods thing. Apparently, we were 15 minutes from anywhere.

Now I bet you want to know what I mean by creepy history. Basically, it was built by this Victorian dude who had no heirs so the house ended up abandoned till the war where injured soldiers were treated there (or something). It then become a hospital for kids with these disease where the only cure was flesh air. Forget the name of it. Anyway, Room 9 (or ten, there was little of confusion. Though, apparently girl hanged herself in room 10 which I'm petty sure is bull. Where was I again, oh yeah Room 9) is haunted. People who have sleep there have felt presences sitting on the end of the bed. Basically, Room 9 was where they took the kids they knew weren't going to make it.

Sounds like a fun time, no? I'm sure a capable writer/director could do something awesome with that (maybe me with I could be arsed). We also did this game where we had our eyes shut and held each other hands. It felt where much like we were holding a Séance. Though, we only got told the story before we left so no one would freak out. Someone in my room did claim to see a figure standing above the person next to them. Well, that what they get for claim the single beds.

I'm finally dying my hair Purple and Blue tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I'm actually did it. Soon my hair will match the bruises all over my legs. Strangely, I have no bruises the side I landed on (you know from falling off the log thing). I was honestly expecting my right thigh and ribs to be covered in petty colours. Well, no luck (or is it lucky, I suppose it depends on your point of view. That all for this week. Type to you again when I am more colourfully.

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