Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dirty and Zombified

This week involved dirt and zombies (hence the title). I suppose we often picture Zombies climbing from their graves, covered in dirt. However, the two actually had very little to do with each other. Basically, I dressed up as a Zombie for the Funwalk thing. I don't actually know how much money we made from the thing, but not everyone did it. Some cause they didn't have sponsors/just didn't want to. Some seemed to disappeared whist we were doing it. In the end we did three laps of campus place next to the college. I'm not sure how many miles that is. Maybe 2 or 3, so did 5 miles of walking I guess. My legs did hurt later on that day and tired, but I feel like that when I did nothing near exercise. Its the fun of having my body.

So I dressed up as a Zombie (which I heavy hinted at). Not a very good Zombie, I only had like 15 minutes to do my make-up. I missed step of putting a red based down before dark make-up and put my fake blood on as I was walking down to the meeting point thing. I actually bumped into my tutor from last year whist fleshly Zombified, I just mumbled hello in passing. Fun.

Not much to add to that really. I took a lot a photos of myself and random things out of boredom and visual stuff. Some are bit better than others, a few just looked like weird zombie selvies. I shall share a few of my favourites (note I don't say best) few on this post.

The rest of the week (okay, two days) were spent in at Community Centre doing wood craving (basically scraping the wood off bench in attempt to make a pattern) and busy work.
Honesty, some of it seem like we were just doing it for the sake of it. They had us cleaning outside tables that ain't likely to be used again till after Christmas and therefore we definitely need to be cleaned again before use (if you care that much about gems). I ended up seving stones which was boring and annoying as most of the stones went through the home-made sev. The sev also broke and ended up dirty but stylish.

Overalls make everyone look hot.
To be honest, I'm becoming rather dishearten by the whole course. I don't think I have improved at all in my team skills; more than half the promised qualifications seem like made up nonsense specifically for the course and not all usefully. I'm not making friends so no social side even getting earned (no offence to the other people on the course that's probably more my inability to socialise at all); it just routine to have. I guess it has help me improved with being less panicky of buses but I didn't need a course for that nor was it meant to be part of the course.

I also really hate the paperwork side as it confusing and ends with us spouting bullshit. I recently realise that I had ticked the wrong thing as it didn't make clear what we be made to write about/what was out choice and it kinda too late to go back as it effects other stuff I already wrote. Also apparently it unacceptable to put that you learned nothing new about self which is the truth. At the age of Twenty, I'm petty aware of my weakness and issues. Maybe someday another one will slap me in the face but the obvious ones are already known so writing that I socially fail and I'm stubborn are pointless (especially the school system already made those things obvious to me years ago).

Move on to more fun things, yet still annoying. I finally received money, though not from who was I expecting from. It wasn't Carer's Allowance like one might expect. No it was Income Support. It didn't even take a week from when I sign the form to get money and taking 6 weeks before I get payment for carer's allowance. That kinda ridiculous. So I have money and I spent most of it already. In my defence, I spent that money on things that I've been waiting to get such as External Hard Drive, a case for my Kobo, and I also owned my mother quite a bit of money. I also bought quick release for tripod. I'm still expecting to eventually find the other one but it doesn't hurt to have a spare and in my experience you find something as soon as you buy a replacement. That is the irony of life.

I also bought the first Christmas gifts of the season. I know I'm often complain about how let have Halloween before we have Christmas themed crap. But in this case the gifts kinda had to be bought now because they're on deal or chance they will be sold out by time Halloween over. Basically, I bought my own Christmas present yesterday as my parents have yet to learn the power of the internet so I know what exactly what I'm getting. Though, even I hadn't done the transaction I would still what it was. I'm getting the Limited Edition Pokemon Nintendo 3DS XL Red and Pokemon X from my parents. I don't care what that says about my maturity. I mean I'm literally getting the same thing as ten year old boy (except he getting Blue one and Pokemon Y, I'm obviously got the cooler version). I wish I had the funds to buy it myself so I would have to wait 2 months and 6 days. 
Basically, I made my parents get cause it might go out stock which it now has. Though, petty sure amazon still have it and the blue isn't popular for some reason. I also might said some things that I know what my little brother getting for Christmas already. It is what he wants though. I made a comment about X is being better than Y and mocked him for getting Y instead of wanting Y. Oh, well... 

I actually brought presents that I plan to be giving someone. My sib went on this Disney Blu Ray kick and as they buy one get one free right now. It ends in November so I obviously got them now. So yeah, I have been focused to do Christmasy stuff before Halloween. Oh, well...
Well, that all for this week. Join me next next week where I'll probably covered in paint. 

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