Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Book Review: Butterfly Grave by Anne Cassidy

What a beautifully title...There's a reason this blog has weirdness in the title.

Death is circling ever closer round Rose and Joshua...

It almost christmas time when Joshua's uncle, Stu, has a near fatal accident, leaving him in hospital with head injuries. Determined to help, Rose and Joshua head to Newcastle to visit.

But even Joshua's uncle has a dark past touched by murder and it looks as though his injuries are anything but accidental. As Rose becomes increasingly preoccupied with the deaths she has witnessed, and Joshua more and more paranoid about who might be watching them, a brutal killing occurs. Somebody really does not want Rose and Joshua to find their parents. But who? And why?

Okay, to start with this the third in the Murder Notebook series so I'm assuming if reading this that you've read the other two books ( if not I did do a review on the second one Killing Rachel). So let start the actual review.

In the last book we had issues from Rose's past and now it Joshua turn. So we in New Castle where Josh lived with his uncle till the whole going down to London for uni.

It follows the format of the other books with two crimes having happened with Rose and Joshua trying to find out what actually happened. In terms of the Murder Notebooks, there was development but I feel like we don't learn anything new. Though, there is a reveal in this book and I think it meant to a bigger deal than it is to me. You already knew it and book seems slightly filler on that front.

I'm not emotionally happy with this book because of spoilery things. It probably intended to show how things have got more serious and how life is not fair. It just seem unnecessary to me. There is romantic developments for those who care.

Overall, I give this book  4 out of 5 stars for Angels of the North. It was slightly better than the last one for me. I'm three books in already, so even if this had been terrible I would have still read the next one but I'm looking forward to reading it.

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