Saturday, 4 January 2014

2013 Summed Up (and the start of 2014)

Happy New Year, we 4 days into this year and I bet it gonna suck and be awesome because that's life bitches. We brought the 2014 with food and blue liquids. Okay, I was only one drinking blue WKD, everyone was champion and that. My sib actually sat and drank a full bottle of Captain Jack Strawberry & Cream by herself almost. You're meant to drink it as shorts. It tastes like strawberry milk with alcohol in it. My sib thought it tasted like favoured medicine. So we both agree its a taste of childhood with booze in it. So perfect to drink a year away.

I also exchanged gifts with my sister one Hogmanay as it was the first time we had seen in each other in the Christmas sort of time. I gave her and her husband scales and board with words on it for their kitchen. I suggest he use it to weigh his head to see how small his brain is. She got me jewellery, M&Ms and £25 gift card for Waterstones which will be fun to spend on Monday.

So far I've spent most this actual year sleeping, eating junk and reading the first book of the year.

Because this is the first post of the year it probably best that I reflect over the goals I set myself  last year which were:
  1. To read a book a week (one or two misses will be forgotten).
  2. To up 2012 book total so read 100 books
  3. I want to finish writing The Stranger a.k.a my June Camp NaNoWriMo novel a.k.a the novel I've been working on since I was 15.
  4. To continue with this weekly blog.
  5. I think maybe focusing more on Creative Writing.
  6. On the other subject of writing, I want to start keeping a diary every day.
  7. To read more classics/great works of Literature for reasons. 
  8. To pass my driving tests. Need to do my theory and practical. 
1.  This was a fail, I kinda stopped reading for a while. No particular reason. Just did. I just stop doing anything for a few months. That life for you.
2. I managed to read 103 books this year. Ew, I know odd number but I did try to read another book before the end of the year. It just didn't happen. So I read little more than my target. I also read a lot of comic books and if i had included them then I would have well past my goal.
3. I wrote a tiny bit of Stranger this year. Just trying to make the middle fit with the end is hard. Like I have the solution worked out and have for years but having the characters figure out is hard when they so focused on their parent issues. This is why Orphans are much easier to work with. I know I could just throw the parents out the window like so many YA writers before me but that just wouldn't work for the story. Moving on.
4. Well, I am writing this post ain't I?
5. Not a lot of creative writing happen. Maybe more than 2012 though, I supose not since I wrote out most Stranger during 2012.
6. The diary kinda fell apart during the time I did nothing for months.
7. This started out great but then once again fell apart during the months of nothing. Damn those months of nothing.
8. LOL. I actually stop being on the insurance and gave up my lessons in a fit of frustration some point in the beginning of the year. I had been basically thinking of getting a new instructor for months before that. I was just not learning anything and there was no improvement at all. I'm going back on the insurance and hoping to get some sort of funding because I'm Carer and sometimes my parents are too ill to drive.

Overall, 2013 year was petty dull year. There were no new developments. Some drama was added to other things. I didn't apply to Uni due to Panic/laziness. I earned petty pointless qualifications. Music was alright. TV was alright. It was just alright year which is petty disappointing considering how cool a number 2013 is. I left my Teenhood behind which was kinda sad.Twenty just feels so old and I could go into Quarter life crisis any day now.

I'm going to do this year's goal next week as this a lot text already, for now I'm off to attempt to tidy my bedroom.

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