Saturday, 11 January 2014

2014 Goals

This week has been book heavy as I've been partaking Bout of Books 9.0 Readathon. I've so far read 6 books which if you're counting is one more book than how many days there is. I'm hoping to have read 9 books by Monday Midnight. I also went to both of the libraries I frequent and plan to go again next week to big one.  Though, reading all these library books isn't very good for some of my challenges these years. 

  1. To read a book a week. I like reading books at this rate and will need to if I'm to meet my other book goals. (so far I done this and more).
  2. Read 100 books. I read 103 books last year but I'm doing stuff this year which I might be busy so I could have read more that easily last year so I'm just going to stick with that goal for next year.
  3. I want to finish writing The Stranger a.k.a my June 2012 Camp NaNoWriMo novel a.k.a the novel I've been working on since I was 15. I would really like to have a finished first draft of this novel. Its an aim.
  4. To continue with this weekly blog. Maybe even to have blog main topics pre-written and thought out more. I suppose my blog will becoming more like twice weekly. 
  5. I think maybe focusing more on Creative Writing. I've got so many ideas that I want to do and I'm planning to something creative writey for a career.*fingers crossed* Also it could be part of the whole weekly post thing. 
  6. On the other subject of writing, I want to start keeping a diary every day better than I did last year. I just really want to have a daily record of my life and you know writing everyday should make be a better writer (hell, maybe even a quicker one).  
  7. To pass my driving tests. Need to do my theory and practical. I'm back on the insurance this year and I'm seeing about possible fund like I said in last week blog. It would be nice to get this done before May so I'll be able to drive before Open day season as both my parents can no longer cope with long journeys well and you know independence and that. 
  8. To write Personal Statement and applied to UCAS (University). I want to get this done in petty of time so I don't have to have a mass panic around December 2014 to get in on time. Applying early is my goal. 
  9. To do filming this summer so I have a good portfolio of stuff and not just use something because it all I've got.
  10. To do well in my studies of all sort. I've applied to college starting in August, hopefully I'll be accept so I want to do well straight away. The finial exam will actually be next year but I still need to have good predicted grades. If I'm doing well they be less stress to when it comes closer to exam time.
  11. To get a job. I'm meant to be going on Holiday this year and so I need spending money. Also saving some money for Uni would be good too. I've never had a job so getting real work experience before Uni would be brilliant as I am going to have to work to support myself realistically. 
  12. To read 50 books by British Authors, this is part of the British Book Challenge which I'm doing for the second time this year. I did it last year and managed to 22 British Books in that year (I also won books from doing so you know fun). So I've decided to up myself on this front, also I was shocked by the number of books I read by Americans. I have to read a book and write a book almost every week if I'm to managed that. 
  13. To read 60 books from existing book pile. This should be easy as I don't plan to really buy books this year as I own tons I haven't read yet and I have to save money this year. I'm taking part in Mount TBR Challegne which equals to be read piles with Mounts. Who knows I might manage to tackle a higher Mount than I think. We're see. 
  14. To finish ten book series. I own/access to a lot of completed series so it would be good to get a lot of them done this year and ten seems like a good number. 
So that basically my plan of action for 2014. Wish me luck. Now I'm off to read and go see The Desolation of Smaug (wish me luck again).

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