Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Review: Zom-B: Underground by Darren Shan

“If I only had heart” should become the theme tune of this book series now.

Waking up in a military complex, months after zombies attacked school, B has no memory of the last few months. Life in the UK has turned tough since the outbreak, and B is woven into life- and battle- in the new military regime quickly. But as B learns more about the zombies held in the complex and the scientists keeping them captive, unease settles in. Why exactly was B saved? And is there anyone left in the world to trust?

This is the second book in the Zom-b series so if you haven’t read the first one, go check out my review of it. Beware I assuming you have read the first so spoilers for that one in this review but not for the actual book I’m reviewing because I only spoiler books I hate in their reviews. Moving to the point:

I enjoyed this book, not as much as the first one. I don't think anything was going to match that ending though, with reveal that B was girl and even I presumed going off gender norms. Though, I don't get why a white person would shave their head (I mean most white people don't suit it) unless you were going bald. Something I want to say about the last book because I couldn't in that review I was really annoyed when all the girls were dead but of course they weren't because B is girl. 

B continued to be her unlikable self but now is a zombie. Apparently we get to know the supporting characters better in this book but I didn't want. Zom-heads or whatever they call themselves, ain't that likable or interesting. I don't remember their names. The only other girl is stereotype of the type of girl I hate, who sadly do exist. Though, B doesn't help the situation at all. The boys are forgotable mess, the girl is too, but stands out as a female. 

In terms of plot, this book just seems to be step note explaining more about the zombies but not giving any real answer to what the hell is going on. The setting is sort of interesting and I can see why this book is probably nessascy for the series but I want answers to who behind this whole thing.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for white, lumpy stuff. The quality does continue from the last book 

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