Saturday, 24 May 2014

We are the Procrastnators

If you've read the walking dead then you're realise what a plavic attempt at parody that title is. I finished reading what I owned of the Graphic novels and I might start watching the TV series now. I also brought the season 2 of the Telltale game. Telltale are awesome video game company, having played serveral of their games I have seen how much they've adapted. For example, the Jurassic Park game has element of choice on the ending alone but now with the Walking Dead games you choose who dies and who lives. Also you actually have to be fast pace some times and not just wander around in a circle before you find the right thing. Though, nothing really happens if you die like sixty times.

The Walking Dead, we're get you emocately invesigated only to do the most terrible things to the characters and dying is only the type of the iceberg. Another possible motto is: The Walking Dead we're make you weep yourself to sleep and then have nightmares.

Besides my procrastinating with the zombies, I've tided my room more.The job is no way done, but slow progress is better than none. Been focusing on the clothes that meant to be going under my bed. Tourses and hoodies basically. The hoodies have been dumped under the bed for a bit but I need to sort them. It kinda nice being able to move around my room more. I can mostly get into my bookcase now; I could get the books from them if had to.

I'm really looking forward to be able to reorganise my bookshelves, specially as some of them have basically had books just dump on them so I could put them out the way. I'm also planning to look through them and get rid of my doubles. Freeing up some space for more books. I've been drinking lot of energy drinks to get the job done. Not that I think that the caffeine is actually giving me that much of a boost. Maybe the placebo effect will get me through. I actually once drank a big can of redbull only to crash a second later.

This week I also met up with the new YA carer person. It was awkward afair. We didn't really discuss much.

The most eventive thing about today is that I lost my ipod. You're probably wondering why I didn't lead with that considering I'm attached to that thing at least two hours a day, most days. The thing is I was told someone had found it before I knew for certain that I had lost it. Someone found on the street, who was the mother of friend of my uncle, the thing is I don't know how got the link to him. I'm thinking its my contracts phone or maybe pictures in it. I did think for a moment something was up with my ipod, like I thought it was in my pocket and I noticed it wasn't as I was walking along the street. So it must have fell out.

The most annoying thing about this is might cause a series annoying conversations with my family as they think I'm really lucky for some reason. I lost my phone on the first day of college, left it on the bus, a teacher found it and called my mum who went and got it the same day. I didn't feel lucky as that day was panky enough without my phone disappearing. I also lost the same ipod at friend's party, got it back though there was suspection of the hotel staff trying to keep it for themselves. This story is for all dress to have pockets with zips or something. I also won a lot raffive prizes one year but I entered a hella lot of them.

So I'm not lucky, my tech just doesn't want to be separated from me. We have a mutal loving relationship or something, Maybe I'm lucky therefore have a chance in the field of my choice which involves luck, hard-work and talent. We're see. That all for this issue, continued in "The case of caffeine high".

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