Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Review: The Finisher by David Baldacci

I just leave this book for the Finisher to finish, shall I?

Welcome to Wormwood: a place where curiosity is discouraged and no one has ever left. Until one girl, Vega Jane, discovers a map that suggests a mysterious world beyond the walls. A world with possibilities and creatures beyond her imagining. But she will be forced to fight for her freedom. And unravelling the truth may cost Vega her life.

Disclaimir: I never actually finish this book. Ran out of time on ebook rental thing and didn’t like it enough to buy actual copy of it.

I started seeing this book everywhere and intrigued when I read the summary but not enough to buy it and I knew it was Netgalley. Mainly I requested this book because I wanted to know why my local Tesco was supplying a YA book since they usually only have adult book. I’m quite glad that I never brought it.

The main character makes a weird point of over emphasise her sex after it had already been establish that she was indeed female.  Sexism is featured in this book, but it not handled well. It just seems like afterthought.  It goes no way into plot. There is a guy who’s a rape threat.

It has the weird choice of using different words for basically things without explanation e.g. sessions instead of years and slivers is something?  So just dumps you in the deep end and having no clue what Baldacci meant which is something I totally would not expect in YA novel.  It’s totally unnecessary and just plain confusing. I also think that these words are used more often on purpose. There is definitely not a good attempt. The youngs instead of children was my favourite, then there was these: Feather=bird; Male-handled. Male-handled.  There is also lack of description in needed places. The writing itself is confusing and disjointed.

After the first chapter I was not loving it. For some reason the chapter are numbered in Latin words.
Vega Jane is utter idiot. She knows someone is following her yet she goes to incriminating places. She has a little brother who is reliant on her and does things she knows might get in jail all the time.

I got half through the book, before coming ill and decided to sleep rather than actually reading the book properly. I read the last few chapters and skimmed read other parts. I know the ending and all that jazz. In terms of plot, I didn’t buy a lot of stuff. I sort of have questions still, but can’t comment on that much as I never read the entire book.

None of the characters are that likable. You should at least feel sorry for Vega with her home life. However, the more I was with her the more I didn’t care about her. She just this cliché strong female character.

Overall, I gave this 1 star out of 5 stars for big useless hole of crafts. I just have found the book rather boring and not all enjoyable. I have theory that this was idea of agent or something not because the writer wanted to write YA book. That just theory that I have not all investigated.

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