Saturday, 3 May 2014

Almost 21 and bored.

Hello people, you may have notice that lax in publishing and a future of mystery appearing post. I have been busy doing things such as nothing and rehearse for the WoO. We on to almost every night practicing but had tonight off. Back on tomorrow and then it show time. Of course, the excitement never ends here.

I turn 21 tomorrow and I'm feeling rather numb about it. I always feel a bit numb about Birthdays. I haven't been excited for it since I turn 16. On the run up to my 18, I was depressed and didn't care at all. I will be spending another birthday doing a show, except this time it only a rehearse.

We're going for a Indian tomorrow, with 2 to 4 family members presented. My older sister was meant to be coming down and of course my older brother doesn't have a family so he ignored my mum's invited. The other older sister we didn't bother to invite because we're never know when she talking to any of us. My family is a joy.

My numbness over birthdays is probably due to the fact that I've realised aging is not of a positive. Also I've spent the last few years in limbo. I want to do stuff and for a various reasons I'm not. I'm just not satisfried with my life at all. I'm bored and lonely. I hate the town where I live, despite what poeople at least 30 years kept saying; something very wrong would have to happen to my life for me to see this place as anything worthy more than a depressing footnote. There is nothing great about this place. Country hills does not make a saving grace in country full of hills.

I'm going to go do something to solve the issue of my boredom with lrfe as this post has gotten as dark as Birthday post should. See you next week where I will give the details of what happened tomorrow and the musical.

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