Saturday, 14 June 2014

Weirdly Poetic.

I have a sleeping dog in my room that I think may be trying to keep me trapped in my room. He lays blocking the door. To leave I would have to stand on him and manage to get the door open though his body would stop the door in it's path. It's a good thing that I do not plan to leave my bed. I have blog posts to write and it's too hot to move.

The exact temperature I do not know, but room's location doubles it ten folds. I hadn't spent much time in my own personal oven that day as I had drove in and out of time after my sister who can't drive and volunteers three hours of her time whilst my mother asks when I will take my theory. I say the end of August as it is far away as she will be pleased with but who knows, maybe I mean the august after next.

Father's day present I brought, birthday present remains to be fulfilled. The gift of jeans cannot disappear with the intention of dinner. I also spent too much on myself after last week's twenty-one books to sit pretty amougst the other pile of tomes.  A candle holder, usefully for when modern light fails; vitamins to make stronger nails, brighter hair and skin involvement is a mystery; skin masks to peel away; and finally hair dye did I buy.

My hair has been tamed once more by others hands after years only mine. It is slightly shorter and certain top strands lighter. I do not care for the lightness so I plan to turn the lightness into brightness with shades of pink and purple. In a week or so.

Until then I have my books and videos to be busy with. My VEDJ project is going better than it started with each day have a video to go with it. Issues I did have on the cursed Friday the 13th as it rained where my creativity called for dry skies. Creativity was stilled until today where it finally flowed.

Father's Day is tomorrow, my sister never brought a card so now we're meant to share. She owes me a coin then. I've spoken all I have today, so I type to you the same day I always do when it comes age new. Farewell til then.

P.S. Yeah, I wrote the post in a weird style mainly because I haven't wrote anything creative in a while, maybe next week. If you want weird comments go by your parents room in oneies during unusual heat. 

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