Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sun Hiding

I have sun burnt shoulders. I'm of coursed displeased about this. I washed "my" car this week and was how my shoulders got burned. It also been too hot for my likely this week. I'd be quite happy without a supposed summer. Heat and sun do not spell fun even sun does rhyme with fun.

I've been spending most of my time trying to think of video ideas. Not always a successfully progess. I have 9 days left for VEDJ and I have two ideas left for it. One I don't want to for a while as it a haul and I've already uploaded three hauls this past week so I would like some time between those ones. I have idea but that involves me sitting down to write it. Two other videos are going to be Monday Missions so that leaves me with five video ideas to come up with. If all else fails I could do tags and there is potentially another video I could do. Hell, maybe I'll even do a draw my life.

Today is meant to be the longest day of the year but I'm sure the sun went down later yesterday than it did today. I know these things because I was on my trampoline at 11pm on both these days.

On the update of my bedroom, I now again have a chair to sit on rather a place where serveral things have been dumped on. Still haven't moved those boxes (I blame the heat and my fans lack of power). I found myself sorting my books, not sure why as I will need to sort them again once I get to the book rearranging part of my master plan. Basically, it just means I don't have bags of books/boxes everywhere. 

I've been getting excited about the Edinburgh Book festival as I'm definitely going to go this year. There is four days I want to check out; none of which take place one after another. I'm thinking of just getting the bus up and down for it. We're see.

I worked that I should be able to catch up on my reviews before college starts which would be great as it kinda ridiculous that I'm this behind and be great to have a decent stats on Netgalley. I've actually read next three books I need to review so hopefully there will be on time.

That's all for this week, I see ya all next time. I'm off to write reviews and sleep.

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