Saturday, 7 June 2014

Broken Things.

 Hello friends of the internet, I went to Food Town Day today. Don't worry I didn't partake in any of that. I went to a café that opened everyday and ate food that you could get everyday. Okay, so I didn't really go to Food Town Day, It was raining so barely any one did go and it's a tourist scam anyway.

You're be horrified to find out that I broke my Book Buying Ban in a major way. I didn't just break it, I smashed it on the ground whist the glue was seting and then did that same thing again. Yes, I brought books three times this month. I brought 13 books on Monday, (I also brought a book for a pound but that doesn't count), four on Thursday and another five today. I have a serious problem. It's not my fault it's Waterstones. No, BookTube. Goodreads? Mine? No, it couldn't be. It's yours.

Okay, now I'm just blaming everyone. It's mine for being weak. Sure, I have excuses: my TV and laptop broke on the same day; making me depress and I buy books when I'm depressed. It probably not the best coping mechanism, but definitely not the worst. I went to steal my little brother's TV today but he was in there and still is. Not using the TV though. I've stolen my mum's laptop successfully.

I know why I do it partly, I just wish my book guilt would override my want of books. I shouldn't have decided somewhere in my brain because my TV and laptop broke meant my Book Buying Ban should match.

I have started a new system to tackle my Mount TBR challenge. Every time I read a book I don't actually own e.g. library, netgalley; I have to read a book I own before I can read another book I don't own. I have my doubts that I'll stick to it fully, but it should at least stop me having months without reading any books that are actually mine.

I'm also having a book giveaway on my BookTube channel, I'm giving away some books that I'm planing to get rid of anyway (mainly because I own several copy of them). That's all for this week, I'll leave with the giveaway video.

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