Saturday, 11 April 2015

Talkie Talkie Time with Noname

Hello guys, no story this week because I just wanted to talk to you about life and stuff. Stuff can be interesting.

I'm still taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo with a novel instead of short stories. Though, I have calmed down a lot. The words poured out of me but I have just been dipping slowly from me. I might take a break from Video Tapes and I'm also just keeping referring to that novel with different names. I think the big problem that it has no real plot and the characters ain't distinctive enough from each other. I keep telling myself that it can be fix with editing if I'm still enamoured with this book by the end of the month. As of today, I'm still ahead of 50,000 word goal, with 19,221 words written in total. 18,562 words being from the novel.

The thing is that yes, today isn't over, but I've only wrote 750 words today, which is bad because for most days I have not been writing at least 2000 words, not even 1,667 words that meant to be my average. This is a worry as I'm spending three days filming something with the YFMC for six hours a day and I wrote okay when I was doing the three hour day but I know me and if I'm not writing now, I won't be on those days. If guys are interested in how I'm doing then you can find my novel stats on my Camp NaNoWriMo profile. I might do another short story to break up my funk or I'm just going to start throwing vampires into my novel.

By the Bye, I made the twitter that the main character runs in the novel where she mocks the company she works for:

I have also been negating my Journal as I almost never finished writing an entry into it in one sitting. There was like a month where I wrote nothing even though I had thoughts I wanted to noted down and to express to the void. Lot of odd dreams not recorded.

Friday's video on my BookTube channel didn't go up, purely on the fact I couldn't be arsed to edit till Friday morning where I had a driving lesson. Also Monday's video is currently 30 minutes long because I don't feel like editing it into one video which it should be as I switch between two topics. It should maybe be three.

In terms of procrastination and what I've been watching. I've recently watched all of Brickleberry,  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, started rewatching Courage the Cowardly Dog that it turns out I have seen the whole first series which unusual for shows you watched as a kid as there causally always one you've missed. I also started back on my quest to watch all the Are You Afraid of the Dark? I'm on to like the 5th episode of the seventh and last season so I be finished soon. May I just say that the last season starts weird with this three part story that revolves around the Midnight Society that seems more like it should have been the series finale, but someone messed up the run order. It also would have been better if there had got more of the actual original Midnight Society involved rather than just Gary and his brother's friends. Though, they probably weren't thinking in terms of the whole series and just the mini-reboot.

I'm still learning to drive and I'm still doing dumb stuff when doing it. I put too much gas on before changing gear but I have almost conjured roundabouts and heisting at junctions. Almost. Though, I could be doing them better in my own car.

The only thing left to discuss is the creative thing I did with others, which was claymation video. We all made our own characters and then came up with a story to match these characters. It ended up being a video game motif which is funny as there is a video game that was made using claymation. Having us make our characters without guidance was problematic as the characters were all different sizes and the main one was bigger than everyone else being getting her to fit in shot was hard. The characters were diverse. Some were humans, unicorn elephants, vegetable Star Wars parody, dragons from a volcano world and Mrs Vegetable Man. This is my favourite as it's is in love with female mermaid and the Mrs indicates he's a woman and there is a lot of last names with man in them. Kids didn't make the connect that we have a queer character in there by accident. He's at least intersex. He also started life as just a carrot creature. I filmed bits and bobs to document what we were up to and it's was edited and is on YouTube and I might do more of that this summer. Nope, you don't get to see it.

I kinda want to take over their YouTube channel as it needs work on a basic level and I want to make it more pleasing on a basic level.

As for my character, I went for the horror look and out of laziness. I got far too much for praise for the level of effect I put in. I did put some effect in but her design was from ease and influence by other people's styles. Also I'm doing work next to school kids when I'm old and have a art Higher. I actually just started adding to my set out of boredom and trying to make the perfect tree. In terms of my character info and stuff: she doesn't speak, has no name, she timeless, she is a tree creature and lives in forest.

 That's all for this week, enjoy the horror of my set till we meet again next week.


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