Saturday, 25 April 2015

I'm only writing in my head.

It is once again Saturday, How? I feel like I have done nothing this week, I wrote very little and I haven't took proper account so once again I have failed Camp NaNoWriMo and myself. I always have such great plans but the more I push myself to do I fail. I've hardly been reading as well, for me, it would appear that I finished reading two books but one of those was audiobook.

I have been trying audiobooks again in attempt to get more stuff done and exercise. That hasn't been that successfully. On the first attempt at walking and that, I scraped the skin off the back of both my ankle and I haven't walked again. Yes, I'm just refusing to leave my bed. Of course, I have walked around the house and left for the supermaket. The skin has started to grow back so I should try walking in just a form of exercise soon, next week or month.

I'm generally a fail at 21. Let's all remember that when I'll probably say it about being 22, unless I get really productive or discovered. The chances are slim on both.

I'm annoyed by the fact I let writing slip, I'm annoyed I've done so little, I'm annoyed that I suck at driving and I think I might be getting worse. I am terrible.

I'm filled with stories that I want to get out. I am filled with ambitions that I wanted to get out and as of last week I have failed to have my posts up on time for the first time this year and this will be the second. Words do come to me in time. Probably because I don't force them on to the paper/scene even when they are terrible.

I'm going to go now and pretend to tidy my room, or knit a complicated mess whilst attempting to read at the same time. See you next week, hopefully on time.

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