Saturday, 16 May 2015

Statements between Reading.

I am Twenty-Two, I have booked my practical driving test, I have sent my SAAS away and my hair on it way to be blue.

In three weeks, I will have hopefully passed my driving test in three weeks time. Mainly, because it costs a lot to take a driving test and I don't feel like paying 62 quid again. I also the cost of the car.

SAAS is away now so I should have money for Uni when it starts unlike the last time I applied to SAAS. Apparently, the bursary is going back which is good.

I had my hair cut and highlighted on Thursday, and now after bleaching the underparts at the front I'm sitting with blue hair dye on my head. I will probably sleep with it one. I might put photo up here after I wash it out.

I brought a mic. I was going to do thing but I never did because readathon. Also sorting my room and am now moving the bookcases because they can't be up against walls.

I don't have to say and I need to read.  So Farewell and hopefully I get around to doing the thing for next week.
Most of my hair has took the colour in someway

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