Saturday, 9 May 2015

Dischannted Youth


So the Tories are back in and somehow got a fucking majority. Seriously, who thought they did a good job? They've sold off everything possible. The Royal mail, NHS and the future of the youths.

Screw this I'm out here.

*Runs out the room, slamming the door behind me*

 *Comes back in few minutes later.*

I guess I should probably talk about my Birthday, this is was indeed the worst Birthday Week ever because of those damn Tories and the idiots that voted for them. I brought a Skeleton, because I received the money to buy her. Her name is currently Stella. Still not sure, I've taken to calling her Grandma Skeleton.

 She came the day after the election, so I didn't have her with me to make sarcastic comments with whilst the results coming in. It's shame, the only joke I was able to make was that she was in us five years time.

God, I am angry. I will always be angry. I thank god that being Scottish and living in Scotland will save me from some of the Tory dumbass policy that so far have mostly wasted tons of money and time. I'm pretty sure all they can do to the rest of the UK is to sell NHS.I can't think of anything else. They sold thr Royal Mail for penny.

I had a Big Hero Six cake for my Birthday and the predicted end poles caused me to start drinking so I ended up falling sleep, not half way through the results coming.

This post has been disjointed. That is is my emotional state so I'm leaving to keep tidying my room.

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