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Short Story: A Day in April

Today you're getting a story that I made myself finished today but started in Match and tried to finished during Camp NaNoWriMo but didn't managed to get to the end of it. I'm going to do my best to actually post new stories on here before uni starts. Also get back to posting on time. You know make a real creative effect.

  A Day in April

One day in April, Mitchelle decided to drop down dead. So she did in the kitchen. Though she had did a good job of dropping to the lamented floor like a stone, hitting the square pattern rather hard, knocking the air from her lungs. She was of course not dead because despite the way popular media made out one could not decide to die by will alone. Otherwise, most would not make it through their teenage years.

Mitchelle currently had lungs empty of oxygen, making her gasp and her eyes to pop. The sound went funny as in gone and the world was a blur as in she no longer she saw detain. "Wow, this what death must feel like" she thought clichély.

Mitchelle no longer wish to die and realise what idiotic idea it had been. She was glad that last night she had not managed to the guts to jump from the roof, to swallow those pills or to lift that blade. Though, those things would have permanently damage her, she would have landed softly, paracetamol only kills your liver and she would luckily have did it wrong. In short in all those scenarios, Ms. Mitchelle would have found her daughter and panicked. 

She had heard the bang from the livingroom, though assuming it was the cat she almost ignore the sound but it was a commercial anyway. 

Mitchelle was still lying on the floor as her body attempted to recover from gravity’s blow, when her mother made it to the kitchen doorway to see her body there. Like most mothers, Ms. Mitchelle swelled with panic. She grabbed her daughter by the shoulders to pull her around, careless of proper first aid protocol. Ms. Mitchelle pulled Mitchelle up and into the living room.

Mitchelle wasn’t fully aware of this until she was sat down on the couch. Later she would she would swear to have no memory of getting to that couch from the kitchen floor. Just as the ads were ending, Mitchelle’s lungs began to function properly, the air had returned, with its sweet, sweet oxygen.

“Are you okay?” Ms. Mitchelle asked panic still swelling inside her.

Mitchelle was not okay, she was not fine, she was not alright, and she was not okay in any of those forms. She had wanted to die just 2 minutes and 3 seconds ago.  She nodded anyway; her mother had meant physically, mental health was not on her mind, and who would have shook their heads, one does not admit that they’re not okay until they literally cannot hide the fact that they are not okay to anyone. Mitchelle was not about to admit that she was not okay, mentally or physically. Her lungs and throat felt strained, her body bruised, yet none of that matched the pain her shattered heart still felt.

Mitchelle had had her heart broken by April and her namesake tormented her with daily reminder. She doubt that April would feel this way in May. Especially as no one called her May except for misinformed teachers and a family that said it was stupid to refer to each other by last name because they all currently had the same one and it was not up to discussion to change it or anyone’s first name. Two, April was a heartless, soulless beast who was no more a person than she was a month in spring. She should have been named November which was worst of all the winter months. It was cold, included no holidays that didn't tormatise cats and dogs and was late enough in the year to make you aware what a failure you were and still sober enough to care.
But damn she was April with exam prep, lambs and the promise of summer in the wind. In short she was painfully only to teens and lamb haters. May was the month of exams and had been demoted from a summer month to late spring.  

April had came into her life at the start of the year, when they were put into the same Geography class. The kissing had came during group homework. The Heartbreak had came after April group homework with Sasha. Pretty, annoying Sasha who made out with other girls at parties for attention. It wasn’t Sasha fault, but her history with Sasha did make her want to lay the blame on her, though she had no idea that April had girlfriend or made out with regularly with a girl who thought she was her girlfriend.

That was what stings the most. Walking into back room find April kissing someone else had been heart breaking, but April acting like she had no right to be angry was the shattering. There weren’t going out. There were just getting off with each other, for over six months. They had brought each other Christmas presents.

Sure, they hadn’t told anyone they were dating but people in school were idiots and didn’t want her parents knowing anything about her sex life.

Mitchelle got up from the couch. Telling her mother she was fine, she went upstairs to sulk on her bed. The pain in her chest had turned physical so it hurt to walk up the stairs. She did slowly and groaned when she threw herself on the bed. She lay there for about a whole minute when her mother shouted her backstairs. She fought the urge to scream into her pillow and instead threw in across the room remembering who else head had been on it.

She dragged herself back down the stairs; she was half way down the stairs when she saw that the front door was open. For a brief second she thought her mother was talking to April. Then she realised that the edges of blonde she could see was wrong and April wasn’t that short.

She stomped down the remaining steps. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, not even her worried friends who wouldn’t stop messaging her. It wasn’t one of her friends. She walked to the door slowly around her mother. It was Sasha, which was just great. Who wanted to stand next perfect petite Sasha when they hadn’t brushed their hair or teeth in two days?

“What are you doing here?”

“I…” Sasha smiled at helplessly. “I want to talk to you.” She glanced at Mrs Mitchelle.

“Come on,” Mitchelle said walking back up the stairs. She didn’t look back to see if Sasha was following her. She was awkwardly.

Mrs Mitchelle went back to the living room to figure out what was going on with her daughter and to catch up on her show.

Mitchelle dumped herself on the bed. This time backwards, so she could face the door and watch Sasha come in. She shut the door behind her slowly.

“Well…” Mitchelle said in hostical deadpan.

“I just want to apologize about April and to say that I honestly had no idea you were a thing.” She said waving her hand.

That didn’t help. She already knew that Sasha hadn’t known.

“I would never make-out with someone who’s dating someone else.” Mitchelle continued to not to respond.

“I won’t tell anyone, I know not everyone is ready to be out like me.” Mitchelle looked up.

“You’re a lesbian,” Mitchelle exclaimed. “You went out with…that football guy.”

“I am Bi,” she shrugged.

“Attention whore then.”

“No,” Sasha said angry now. “Not everyone is monosexual. You’d think you would be more open-minded considering.”

“You make out with girls so boys will play attention to you.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yeah, then I must have taken something at those parties.”

“I’m not allowed to kiss my girlfriend in public.”

That shut Mitchelle up for second.

“I don’t get why you’re here, April cheated on, not you and I would rather be left alone now.”

“You’ve skipped school the past two days and that project is due Monday, which is hard as none of us are speaking to each other. Can’t we both be angry at April together?”

Mitchelle didn’t care at about school at the moment, but she did know at the back of her mind that she was being overdramatic and shouldn’t be giving April so much power.

“Okay, but tomorrow,”

Sasha nodded.

“I’ll walk you to the door.”

They walked to the door in silence. Mitchelle did her best not to flinch in front of Sasha.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Sasha said exiting the house.

“You two are fucking now?”

Mitchelle looked out the door to see April. Sasha went bright red.

“No…” Sasha began before Mitchelle cut her off.

“Sasha you should get home, me and April have to talk.”

Sasha wandered away and April stormed to the door.

“Serious, you go on about being girlfriends and you already on to someone else,” April demanded.

“Well, April it liked you said, we weren’t girlfriends so you have no right to show up here angry.”

“I thought we could sort things out.”

“What? No one else to make out with?”

“Mitchelle, I came to give this whole girlfriend a short. I thought that you wanted.”

Mitchelle thought for moment and realised that she should have been more angry than sad. But she couldn’t be. She couldn’t be happy with April again.

“No, not anymore. I’ll see you around.” Mitchelle shut the door before April could responded and ignored the banging from the otherside whilst April shouted threats. She didn’t care.

“Who’s that at the door?” Mrs Mitchelle asked.

“No one, you should ignore it”

Mitchelle went to shower April out of her hair. 

I liked the opening of this and have no memory of how I was planing to finish this when I started. It has ending even the opening was a lot better. Ending things is the hard part for me. If any one has a writing prompt they want me to trackle then please comment it down below or what ever method you prefer to contract me by. Write you next time.

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