Saturday, 6 June 2015

Short Story: The House Alone

I failed my driving test by one minor and I'm blaming it on messing up my hill start which I can do like a pro, so you're getting horror. The type of horror I shouldn't write because based on a situation that's going to happen to me. I am dreading uni because what if I don't have anyone to poke awake at three a.m., not even a dog.

The House Alone

I am in the house alone. My parents are gone for a week. I hear a sound in the night. I am scared, because I am alone. I know it's probably nothing. I made sure to lock the door and the windows, because I am alone at night. I had to sleep with the lights on because the dark was too much for me, even with a dog on my legs and grumpy cat whose staring at me from my desk chair.

I have all the animals so it's not them. The heating isn't on, because it's too hot and my fan is broken. Is the pipes? I have never heard the pipes make a sound. Maybe it a mouse. Mice cannot be kept out of houses even when they have no holes to enter by. A rat would be horrifying prospect. They are braver than mice and will straight up bite. I think they do. How would I get one out of the house by myself with only useless cat and dog that was breed to chase sheep.

I reach for him now, he climbs higher up on me. I pet him to calm myself. It working until the bang. That was not my imagination nor the house settling. That sounds like something falling or door shutting. It's loud in the silence. I half sit up to face the door. Hoping for settling answer. Nothing.

I am awake and worried. I do not want to make a sound. I carefully sit up in my bed. Moving my over-size puppy off me to do so. He and the cat seem fine. Everything must be fine. I am just a scared human with weak sinese and untrained instincts. Should I check for the source, or should I stay in my room?

If this was horror film then checking would be the mistake, but if this was a CreepyPasta either could be the mistake. The monster always finds you eventually. My dumb dog jumps off the bed, banging loudly on the floor. I cruse him slightly, as he spins in a circle, scarping at the himself on the floor, blocking the door. Well, that decides it. I'm staying up here.

 Suddenly, I feel something beside me on the bed. I jump and turn to see my no good cat. She lays where the dog was to steal my heat. They don't like each. Refuse to share a bed or a human. I scope her up in a ball and squeeze her for comfort. She moans in her way, she struggles for a second before accepting her fate as my baby. I held her like a human infant since she was a kitten and half her size now. 

 Something is on the stairs.The sound of them straining is obvious. They are old and nosy. I swear one board is one bad step from breaking to the cupboard below. I pray it's tonight. But no the straining continues steadying to my room.
The door creeps open. I don't know what to do. Should I shut my eyes? Why would that be a good idea? I tighten my grip on my cat that digs it's claws into me wanting to escape. The door continues slowly. My dog wimpers again and presses himself against me. I shut my eyes before the door opens enough for the light to spill into the hall.

Footsteps come into the room. Towards us. My cat struggles more, but I won't let go. She is not abandoning me. My dog starts to growl and whimper at the same time. I want to soothe him, but I need both hands on the cat. I want soothe us both. The steps stop next to us. The cat stops moving and my dog wines softly before stopping. However, I'm keeping my eyes shut. Tighter than I hold the cat, who feels to still. Oh God. My dog seems to fall slightly away from my waist. Oh please, no.

"No need to worry, I only want a hug." 


I know the hug thing is pretty dumb, but it amused me for some reason as the ending for this when I started writing. Sometimes cliché are fun to work with and dumb endings are still endings. Tell me your thoughts. Have I improved as writer from last week's work of sixteen year old me? Probably not enough in those six years.

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