Saturday, 4 July 2015

Hitting Mirrors

Once again, you are not getting anything creative but overjoyous in the fact that I can now drive. That's right, I passed my driving test (also Shep is fine and came up the stairs to lie at my bedroom door. It almost like he was never ill). My test obviously went okay, it didn't start that well because my mind kinda panic reading the license plate and didn't want to distinct between the F and the R, wasn't sure which one was first. Ar...Dyslexia.

I started by immediately doing independent driving which was fine expect I didn't quite do it right and got minors as I didn't check my mirror for signaling and changing direction on the roundabout which my driving instructor had went over right before the test. I then packed in a fafe spot which I had never did on that part on the road and I did think I messed up by being too close to a junction which is bad.

I did a hill start in the exact same place as before but this time I did it flawlessly like normal. Though, the amount of times I practice it there, it should be. My reverse manoeuvre was a reverse park. I think I got two separate minors for this because my car did move slightly in the wrong direction which obviously a control issue. This was difficult because I had never practiced it there and I was put off with being on slight hill, it was a round hill that slanted the road long ways. Also couldn't see my usual turning point because of the way the passager chair was prosurited.

There no emergency stop but plenty of almost one when driving normally because everyone is idiot (including myself. I'm glad it done with and I can drive myself around now. My parents brought me a SatNav because I will get lost or go the wrong/long way home by mistake. It will be helpfully when driving around by myself. I've drove by myself a bit and proved myself a idiot but nothing dangerous. I just can't park. It doesn't help that others can't either.

I hit someone's mirror with my mirror. I was too close to their side but they had drove in sideways so their front was too close to my parking space. I usually avoid other cars but it was literally the only place to park.

I had a interview today but I don't think much of come of it. I guess if I actually get, I would have found out by this time next week. I mean I'll definitely given up hope by then. Though, the application deadline isn't even over. I said dumb stuff in the interview and don't think I presented myself very well because I suck. I do hope it I get because I'm available and want a job. Also making money would be great.

I spent time outside because my brother came down and we went to this kid friendly place as a family. I got my sister to get in the car with for the first time and I got IDed by someone who I went to school with and in fact older than but I guess his manager and the government doesn't know that.

 That's about all. I am now off to sleep and edit, in various orders.

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