Saturday, 25 July 2015

Do you want to build a Novel?

Hello peops, I went to the Scottish Natural Galley of Modern Art One and Rosslyn Chapel. I now want to do an art heist in which I steal 'In the car' by Roy Lichtenstein and touch his Lilly ponds (don't). I also hide the Picassos and write fictional characters on the wall of names. We give the painting back fifteen years later. But only ever send  ransom note every year hinting where the Picassos are, even after they're found. If caught, say we Scottish and therefore the painting belongs to us. It was inspired me to do more art and then we went to Rosslyn Chapel and sketching out the craving made me remember that I get wrist strain over nothing and that's why I gave up the dream of art. Also other stuff.


 I was tempted to put more of Nail Polish in a Video Store up today but then I realise that I want to keep that to myself for awhile or maybe forever. Though, I was thinking it might be a good idea to start writing novel for this blog alone and putting it up in parts. Right now the Ballroom short story keeps calling to me to add to it. I shall eventually subcome to it. I have a few ideas but none have any clear ending or plot structure so if I do it, it will be free for all.

There is actually a lot of potential first parts of novels lurking on this blog or stories that were meant to have a second part, that was never written and probably will never be wrote. Well, not by me anyway.

Some of those things are:

I also realised that have relationships of the girl being down right hostile to the boy but the boy still liking her, which he sadly realistic.

So I'm not giving you a short story this week, but asking you the question of. Is there any of these or any of my other stories that you would like to see more of? I will have something written for next week, though I'm not sure what it will be. It meant be related, it might be random horror as making a film next week and one way or another it will end up horrifying (especially, if I'm made to act in it).

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