Saturday, 11 July 2015

Short Story: Running

 She walks steadily. She wanted to run. I could tell by uneven breathing that she couldn't hide. She was trying to stay claim. She was fighting the urge to look back, she kept flicking her hair around, but stopping herself before she could actually see me.

I couldn't decide whether I like it better when they're like this or when they run in panic with me following them slowly, knowing they could never out run me. She professional criminal, she used to being in stressful situations and escaping quickly before the police are even alerted. 

She wasn't expecting me. I watched her steal the diamonds and know she still has them on her. It's importantly she still does when I catch her. I run in front of her and run back. I enjoy the moment of startle on her face. 

I run around in a circle. I want her to run now.  She ruins this by tripping over a cardboard box in the alleyway she's walked into. She falls over. This is not how this ends. I run up, pick her up, and go back into the darkness. She shaking and looks like she might fall down again. 

Run. Run. Run already.

She turns in a circle looking for me, so I jump out of my hiding spot so she see the movement in the dark. 

She lets out a small scream and runs from me.

Yes. Yes.YES.

I make myself walk slowly. She is blatantly looking behind her as she runs now. I make leaps when she looks back forward. She is so scared now. It's brilliant. I wonder when she'll realise where I have been herding her.

She is in a full panic. Being loud and clumsy. I keep having to move her so she doesn't run into anything else. I get to the street. She goes to go the wrong way, so I circle her. Just to keep the panic steady. She screams, every time she gets a glimpse of me. She crying and begging me not to kill her. I fight the urge to laugh. That was the same thing the guard she had shot had done. I'm not sure if she still has the gun, but the diamonds should be enough. 

I appear right in front of her face. She screams. I turn her around so she can see the people that she had alerted and so that they don't see me. I let go of her and following basic human instinct; she runs towards them. She either doesn't notice their uniforms or she too scared to care. She knows what they'll do if they catch her and I'm just a terrifying unknown. 

They've started coming towards her. I got lucky and managed to time this perfectly for new patrol shrift is about to start. She doesn't stop when they meet and knocks into one of them. They both drop to the ground. She doesn't get up before she starts telling them about me: that some girl has been chasing her and that she too fast. 

"She not human," she plants out. It's odd that they always a accuse me of that, considering the monstrous things that they have done. Her description of me makes the standing cop straight. I guess I'm starting to get a reputation. He lifts her up by the arm and tells her she best get in the station. 

She might confess out of fear or maybe she'll be more calculating, thinking I won't be able to get to her prison, which is probably true, but I've never tried, but that's where she going. The other cop gets up and follows his partner back into the station.

She look back around and I wave, so she knows I'll be waiting for her if she comes out back alone. So far none of them have. I guess I won't be earning any archenemies anytime soon. I stay in blackness. I never let them get a good look at me and they will never work out who I am. Though, I wear red contracts, which really scares the christians and alter my face with latex and costume make-up to look more demon than girl. I'm waiting for my new fangs to arrive. A mugger latched out and broke my old pair.

Being called a vampire is kinda fun and I preferred that to being compared to one of those cape weirdos. I want to help people and bring justice too, but there's no way in hell I'm wearing spandex nor do I want the fame they have; I have a enough body images issues with going through puberty without that too.  

I run away from the station so I can go back to being me while I wait. 


I could have expanded this more, but I like the beginning. I hope you enjoyed this and I shall you see all next week, until I being ponder on being part of something that was shortlisted.

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