Saturday, 31 October 2015

Foggy, Spooky Night

Merry Halloween everyone, the moon and the weather have combined to make the perfect Halloween where I live. I've actually got a story idea from tonight, not that I'm likely to use it any time soon. It was a foggy night and made driving in the country a nightmare.

I went to three Halloween Events this week. A horror movie showing where I saw most of Grave Encounters so now I know where that meme comes from and also V/H/S which was hilarious. I don't think it was meant to be as funny as we all found it. Hardly any of the short films had any real scares in them. It was one of those nudity for the sake of nudity ones.

In terms of horror films that's one of the worst things do. It's the thing that sinks down horror film to the Misogyny
levels of other Hollywood films. They have female protagonists that are left to deal with what evil that they have to fight. It's the one place where the audience is expecting a female point of view. Very few films work There is a whole argument in there about what that says about Society but I dropped out of Sociology. I want to film and write stuff that fixes that stuff.

My horror dream is making a female horror icon that's not the victim. There is the girl from the ring and 'Sleep Away Camp' franchise but 'The Ring' isn't that relevant any more and the latter just has issues at it's core (also not really thought as good).

The other vent was drinking whilst dressed up. Well, I wasn't drinking. Yeah, still don't know the appeal. Tonight, I went to a 4+ event to see a thing I sort of helped make in the summer. It seemed to be mostly recaps of the other films. My beautiful door opening is gone. I will never recover.

This week horror of reality is my sleep pattern is back to being whack and uni is stressfully. We need to do a presentation with each other. I could potentially get out of it, but there's whole not having the diagnosis. Screw having the actual word.

I got a letter for appointment to see if I'm magical mushroom. I'm sick of using the word and that was what came out. I usually censored the dumb shit I write when bored. I'm off to enjoyed the last of Halloween whilst I picked off the terrible job I did of my make-up this year. Cotton wool and liquid latex.

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