Saturday, 10 October 2015

Overwhelmed Procrastinating

I have been editing lots of footages, but writing not so much. I'm watching Doctor Who two epsideos at a time. I'm currently on the first one and I watch the next the one live. A hour later or something.

Dear blog, I have something terrible to confess. I have nothing to write. I have random sentences, words to write. I am several lies that I have been telling since I was young and I'm trapped to tell until I die. However, I don't want to add anything and I have to write something for uni so I should focus on that.

I also want to read three books this weekend, which is basically only a Sunday now which is sad. They need to go back to the library and my life is so buzy. I am constantly fighting being overwhelmed with stuff I should be doing but also other people ain't doing it, so less concerning. Except, I want to be the best and I want to do everything to be the best. Finding the time to do nothing, but not reading. Why can't I procrastinating be slightly productive?

I have watched films. I have applied for one job and been immediately rejected. I somehow ended up being director for project without fight. I was expecting a fight about it? I'm filming it and not editing it, that's should be great as I hate editing (though satisfying and the rest is pointless without it). I'm starting to get tired again and had to pull myself out of bed. I need to be better. Though, no distractings next Monday, dinner out of Tuesday.

I still have this blasted cough, which brings me back to getting my lungs check out because of the whole childhood of asthma and lung infections. I've had it for over three weeks so according

I'm going to watch British Bake Off finally. Also knitting. I like knitting. Fareoff.

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