Saturday, 24 October 2015

Early Horrors

As of Monday, I have not been having a very good week, after having a weekend ruined of no internet. I could blame that on being missing online deadlines, but it’s not true. I never filmed the footage, I should have, I never wrote the words I needed, nor did I completely have no access to the internet. Though, it was terrible quality and only accessible through hanging out windows where its cold. This continued to Tuesday, till noon.

I ordered the special edition of the Welcome to Night Vale novel and on blink of its publishication, I got email saying there was issue with my order of book that had already arrived, but was in the same order as the Night Vale novel. When I called to find out what the issue was, I got a place I swear was called Kingies. Eventually, I got through to Waterstones (who else would I pre-order with?) and was cut off as the customer service person said it was not being published till…I called again and it was an issue with my payment which was another five minutes of me hanging out the window because I have no internet or landline. 

I also pointlessly emailed them in a bid to confirmed that I had miscalculated the publication of the new book. In the end, it was me being idiot and everything was fine in the end.

I am idiot with money.

Yarny is shutting down next month, just in time not to be there for NaNoWriMo. I probably won't do it, because of uni deadlines. Though, maybe I will because of uni deadlines and I'm feeling creatively stifled, because doing a writing course has been me feel limited.

Next Saturday is Halloween and you might get horror. It could be creative or just life horror. However, the most horrifying thing has already happened. Life without internet. 

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